Whence Cometh Evil?





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Published on Apr 8, 2010

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Eggly Bagelface
Why do christians write books on explaining God, but when asked a question like this they only have "God moves in mysterious ways"
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Opeion Gaming
B Miller lmao
B Miller
Same reason they don't have Wi-Fi in churches: They can't compete with an invisible power that actually works.....
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Dewayne C
If God is outside our comprehension and beyond our morality then why the fuck does he punish us for failing a test that we can't and he knows we can't ever understand?
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Pink Bro
death does not concern us, for as long as we exist, death cannot reach us, and when death does reach us, we no longer exist. - epicurus
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+Sylph Natural Chaos. Humans have apophenia.
+Sylph Natural because life is unfair.
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Will mckee
I have never understood why Atheism would be a thing if God existed. If God were all powerful, he could literally just make us all believe.
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+Lord Of Decay i dictate the terms...know your role
Lord Of Decay
+shaqpopcorn34 Another sad troll attempt, you need to do better dude.
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Lonely Noodle
"God works in mysterious ways." Fuck that shit and fuck your God. I've witnessed and experienced enough pain and suffering in my short lifetime. I'm done hearing that bullshit. 
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Razor M
more like, god fucked up things in his mysterious ways
Douglas Dragon
Lonely Noodle well, that's all there is to say.
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Game, set, match. Epicurus: 1 Christianity: 0
Ali Jr.
irllcd13 christ = -2
Robbie Rotten
irllcd13 Insanity*
If god is testing us, what is he testing us for? If you say "God is testing you to make you stronger" how is giving someone cancer (even if that person good) making that person stronger. Testing us to die. There is no logical explanation. It isn't making us stronger it's making us die. If you say "It's god plan" plan for what, for peace on earth? Can he do that without killing billions of babies and giving cancer? If you say "yes" then he is a fucking evil piece of shit and if you say "no" then he is not all powerful and there no point worshipping him. If you say "God does evil to remind you that you should obey him" then he is evil because we don't call people who lock up their dogs and beat them to remind them whose boss, all loving. No we think of him as evil. If you say "You did something bad in your previous life" what did all those Japanese people who got flooded do in their previous life and do they even remember. There are good people who died in that flood. So god decided to punish that good person right that moment because he may of kept slaves in his previous life he didn't remember. Why didn't god stop him from keeping slaves in his previous life? Why didn't god give him a painful death at child birth or is hell not an option for god? If god was so angry at the guy why didn't he punish the good person when he was a slave master. Clearly because he wants to punish the good people. If you say "he working in mysterious ways" then obviously you come to conclusion that you don't like hard questions. Your god is a evil being. You shouldn't worship him or pray to him in anyway.
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chris pearson
Idea of not knowing good on a 'higher' or societal level, outside 'temptations', being 'given over to' or not understanding preposition. Generally, stuff that undermines own ability to think independently. I think I'm trying to avoid ranting here.
Maarten Vangeel
chris pearson why not?
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Epicurus was smarter than 99% of the current population
Coffee Addict
+the1haunt More than 1% of the population are working in a scientific field so, no. I get the sentiment and there are many people that he is smarter than but 99% is a big number.
Doctor Mullins
He was definitely smarter, but he also knew less.
Friedrich Gutenberg
9/11 happens, there is a cross and people say it's the work of god what I think: hi, I'm god, sorry, I couldn't save all these lives, but hey, here's a cross.
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chris pearson
Heck of a responsibility to lay on. Sounds like a sort of Blind god thing to me...
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Heather Hill
Let's go thumb up that quote to get it to five stars!
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Heather Hill Link??
Tungsten Tourniquets
That's what Kirk Cameron told all his friends to do to get the Rotten Tomatoes score of Saving Christmas up to 94%. I don't want to stoop to his level.
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