Semi Fanfic. A Princess Christmas Pt. 2





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Published on Dec 13, 2009

Includes Born For This by Paramore

Her dark eyes peered out the front window as the wipers moved once more and there sat Rosie on her own suitcase chest firm, head high and face straight. Slowly Carter was able to move further up and finally reached her best friend. She pulled to the side and put on her flashers. "Rosie!" Carter shouted as she stepped out of her blue truck. Instantly Rosies face brightened and she stood to hug her best friend. "Carter!" She exclaimed. "I have missed you!" They pulled apart and smiled at one another for a few seconds before Carter had actually picked up the one suitcase Rosie had brought. "Oh, I am so excited!" Rosies smile was Carters favorite thing about her. When Rosie smiled her entire face lit up, and her eyes sparkled tremendously. "I get to celebrate Christmas with my very best friend!" Rosie continued to say as she followed Carter to the truck.

Carter giggled as she placed the bag in the back seat. "Im excited too. Ive missed you, Rosie." Carters sentence had come out more tender than she had intended but she meant it. She really did miss Rosie. They havent been able to see or talk much ever since she became Queen Rosalinda Maria Montoya Fiore. Known in Iowa as Rosie Gonzales, and Carters cousin.

Even Rosie could see the vulnerability in Carters eyes. It was a side Rosie was sure only she herself got to see, and for that she felt truly privileged. With a smile Rosie jumped into the truck and smoothed out her small dress. It was a cute leopard satin dress. Black on top then turned to a pink leopard print at the waist. There was even a black belt that separated the two. "I have missed you so much Carter, but I am hungry, and you are late, so I believe you owe me a nice dinner." Rosie said teasingly. She wanted to take it back when she saw the look on Carters face.

"Im so sorry Rosie, it was raining this morning so it still looked dark out, and I forgot to set my alarm, and-" She was cut off by Rosies hand being gently placed on her mouth. It took everything in Carter not to just kiss her palm. An odd gesture in Carters mind but she had had a crush on Rosie for some time now and she just wanted to show it in some way. "Carter, it is fine. I was only kidding. We can just go home and watch television. As long as I am with you I will be ok." A gentle and sweet smile made its way across Rosies face and Carter got the biggest rush of Butterflies in her stomach she has ever had.

She accidentally mouthed an ok as she turned in her seat, her own vocals betraying her. "Ahem, uh, I still plan on taking you out. Maybe not somewhere super fancy, but you deserve a nice real dinner that isnt just Pizza or a hamburger." Carter said pulling back into the slow line of cars waiting to get out.

"Oh, you do not have to, Carter. I really do not mind. I am rather fond of Pizza." Carter giggled

"Well, you can order a pizza, but itll still be a nice place." The taller girl said with a nervous chuckle. Rosie was going to be with her for a whole month, she felt like she should do something the first and last days she was here.

"It is good to know you are still the most stubborn girl I have ever met." Rosie teased. Carter laughed at this but never responded. She just sat and listened to her XM Radio as it continued to play Christmas songs.

Within a few hours they had arrived back at the house the rain falling harder than before. "Here, well just leave your suitcase in here s it doesnt get wet ok?" Carter told Rosie, who nodded her agreement and opened her door and raced Carter to the front door.


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