21 things a girl doesn't realize.





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Published on Apr 16, 2009

DISCLAIMER: There are different types of boys, so this may not apply to ALL of them. If you don't like it, click the x button, simple as that. No need to voice out your complaints. Thanks.
message me if you have questions. I'd be happy to help!

21 Things Most Guys Don't Realize : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ca8gpP...

21 Things Most Guys Don't Realize (PART TWO) : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ca8gpP...

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Jazzy Smith
if a guy read my mind he would shoot himself in the head
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Alexis Williams
yea they need to not read my mind
Nic Caz
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Cathy Elliott
"if a guy looks at you longer than a second he is thinking about something" he is thinking damn wtf is that potato
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Island Girl
Cathy Elliott TRUE
Alexus Magana
Cathy Elliott lol
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maybe in 2009 but 2016 everyone is fucked up.
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20*** When a guy pauses the video games just to text you back, you know you're a fam.
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J Rose
Shrey 😂😂
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Alex Mcghin
I'm a guy and u got this SPOT ON!! GREAT JOB!!!!!
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Water Bender
Alex Mcghin bro I know right I was surprised
Seamus Landis
Alex Mcghin Same bro
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Axl Xavier Cisco
2009... before fuckbois...
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JAD's MV's
lol all a girl has to do is be some what confident and dress cute. a guy has to look nice dress smart, give off the right signs, be confident, not be remotely weird (a girl can be weird and guys will see it as cute) guys also need to play all his cards right while a girl just sits there and absorbs it and decides if he is worth fucking
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CD Highlights
As a guy I can agree on all of these
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Redneckhench Men
CD Highlights same
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Kaelin's Vlogs
This was before all guys just wanted to get in your pants. 😂😂
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Roach the Ghost
+Flomica MOST guys
yessss sadly it's true 😔
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josh kadi
you women are learning our secrets!!! stop learning our secrets!
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HushPuppy Clan
josh kadi They can't know. It's like us knowing why they go to the bathroom in groups. It's a secret
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I'm a girl and I knew all of these things... Maybe I've just read to many fanfics..... Yeah, probably
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Snow Morgan
+illkillyou 5676 I know this is a few months late but chances are he likes ya back if not because you have been friends for so long if you don't make it awkward he won't. so ask and you may be very surprised ^.^ maybe im wrong but that's how I work ^.^
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