You Just Don't Know It- Chapter 9, Part 1





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Uploaded on Jun 13, 2008

Chapter 9, Part 1

Joe: remember, Happy Birthday.. (hangs up)
Nick: Happy Birthday? Joe, wait.... (Looks at his phone and sees end call) What does he mean by that??

As Nick was walking over to Christine's front porch he kept thinking:
Hmmm...what does Joe mean by "Happy Birthday"? Well it's not mine...so he couldn't have been telling me. Or unless he thought it was..., nah...Joe knows better than that. He isn't dumb..(shakes his head) nah.. he knows when is my birthday..So then is it Christine's? I don't think so...but gosh, how do I know? I only met her yesterday...ahhh!!! But what if Joe is lieing? I'll so humiliate myself in front of her...and trust me...that wouldn't be cool at all. Hmm... what should I do??

Christine's P.O.V. (reading her book)
I was still reading my book when suddenly I hear somebody sitting next to me. I looked up and saw Nick sitting down next to me.

"Hey!" I said placing my book to the side.
"Hey, Christine," he said, "What were you doing?" he asked.
"Reading a book." I answered.
"Ohh..sorry if I disturbed you," he told me.
"No, it's ok..so what's up?" I asked.
"nothing, really.."he answered.
"ohh.." I said back.

He then started looking at me but not actually seeing me. It's as if someone was behind me. Therefore, I turned around, but I saw nobody there. Nick was acting strangely.
"Is everything ok?" I asked.
"Yeah..why?" he questioned.
"um...nothing really," I said back. I guess I was just imagining it. But then again he was doing that but now mouthing something. Was he talking to someone? I thought. I turned again. And again nobody.
"was someone there?" I asked.
"Um..no," he said rather quickly.

With Nick:
I saw Joe through the glass window. What was he doing there? Spying? I don't know but he was trying to say something but I couldn't understand him.

I guess that Christine noticed something weird going on because she asked me. But nothing was wrong; I only wanted to know if it was really her birthday.

Christine's P.O.V.
But then his phone beeped. I guess he got a text message because he took out his phone and read it. When he was reading it, he looked some-what confused.

In Nick's phone, Joe had text him saying:
Joe: Dude, did you say it?
Nick: say what?
Joe: Happy birthday!
Nick: It is?
Joe: Duh... why do you think I'm telling you?
Nick: I don't know? to say it and humiliate myself..
Joe: Dude, of course not...why would I?
Nick: I don't know?
Joe: forget it...just say it..
(end of texting)

Nick then closed his phone and started thinking, forgetting that Christine was still sitting next to him.

"So..," I started out. "I will be inside if anything." Then I stood up and started walking to my front door.

I turned the knob but it somehow got stuck, it didn't want to open.
"Beep," I heard again, Nick got another text. But I didn't mind, I just kept fidgeting the door trying to open it. Then I thought, "Someone is holding the door knob from the other side, Ahhh! Josh!!...I knew he hadn't changed, he was always trying to get me frustrated."

With Nick:
The text that he had gotten a while ago was from Joe.

Joe: smooth, dude..i saw that she was leaving...but don't worry..big bro to the rescue!!!
Nick: what?
Joe: I'm holding the door so she wont leave...now you go and talk..
(Nick closes his phone and it goes back to his pocket.)

-hmmm...what will Nick do??
**guys sorry, that I haven't posted one recently, it's that..im in finals...and trust me it sucks..i keep getting distracted..but ill try my best**

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