SADX - Hard-Coding - Playing as Super Sonic (From Perfect Chaos' Stage)





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Published on Jun 30, 2010

Sonic the Hedgehog \ Sonic Adventure DX is Copyright of the Sega Corporation.
Super Mario RPG (Battle with Smithy, Who likes Transforming) is Copyright of the Nintendo Corporation.
EDIT: To please idiocy and blatant flaming, I, in no way, shape, or form take credit for 'Finding out how to do this" - This, again, was done through quick Trial-And-Error, and I am not the first to discover how to do this, nor do I care for the matter as I rarely ever even play this game anymore.

Note: This is NOT a PVM / Model Modification.
BEST WATCHED IN 480p (Only with the Screen Widened).

Well, I've seen so many 'Playing as Super Sonic' videos on here that are nothing but .PVM / Model Edits, that I decided to break out my old Copy of Sonic Adventure and do some Hex Editing and Hard Coding. Basically, I've nearly finished where Sega left off on Super Sonic in Normal Stages.

Let me make a small fact clear: NO MODELS/PVM'S WERE EDITED IN THIS VIDEO - Period, End.

General Question: Ever wanted to play as the REAL Super Sonic from the Perfect Chaos Battle instead of doing Model / PVM Edits? Well, Through hard work and smarts, this video shows it IS possible.

Basically, I hex-edited quite a few files, including the .EXE file that runs that game into pointing at the actual values of Super Sonic which only show up during the 'Perfect Chaos' fight. Now, using some decent custom music and a transformation sound which I've made the game point towards after obtaining 50 rings, you can now ACTUALLY TRANSFORM into Super Sonic - Its been near complete, but the only thing I need to impliment is Ring Degeneration, which is why the ring count is frozen at 50. I've noticed a few people have figured out how to use Super Sonic as well, but only through Linking Sonic's PVM to Super Sonic's, therefore destroying Sonic's textures.

Super Sonic's Physics are FAR Different than normal Sonic's. For one, as easily seen, he is designed to be VERY FAST for the Perfect Chaos Battle, which results in loops and speed launchers sending you flying at extremely high speeds which in most cases causes you to fly off the map. Unless you have extremely fast reflexes and good eyesight, Super Sonic is actually very hard to play as, though I'm quite good with him.

Though I'm fairly sure someone out there has probably developed a Trainer/Application that edits the Hex ingame, I tend to not be lazy and try my best to do things myself.

So, too all you gloaters about Model Editing Metal Sonic to look like Super Sonic, eat your heart out at this video.
To everybody else, enjoy this hard piece of work. ^^


1. How did you do this?
A: Hex-Editing / Hard-Coding

2. Are you invincible?
A: Apart from falling off the maps, Yes - Super Sonic retains all his attributes from the Perfect Chaos fight, including killing enemies by running into them, and not being able to be hurt.

3. What Song did you use for Super Sonic's Music?
A: Fight against Smithy, Who Likes Transforming - Super Mario RPG OSV

4. Is this a PVM / Model Hack / Edit?
A: NO, It is not.

5. Does he have a Transformation Animation?
A: No - I've coded him to simply change after the jump key is hit twice with 50 rings.

6. Can this be done on the Trial Version?
A: No, it can not.

7. If this is the Real Super Sonic from the Perfect Chaos Fight, why isn't he able to glide across the water?
A: The water in the Perfect Chaos Stage has a Solid collision model (Or an invisible floor, so to speak), which gives Super Sonic the appearance as if he's floating on the water.

DISCLAIMER: I legally own a Copy of Super Mario RPG and Sonic Adventure DX.


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