Youlou Mabiala avec L'Orchestre Kamikaze Loningisa - Djeliba (1986)





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Uploaded on Nov 17, 2010

Youlou was BIG both inside and outside of Franco Luambo's TPOK Jazz ( OK Jazz).

This is one of my favorites (there are many) by Prince Youlou Mabiala.

From Ronald on Africambiance.org message boards

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"This is a small list of albums that Youlou released under his own name. Before that he recorded several albums with TPOK Jazz, when he left them he returned to Brazzaville and began Les Trois Freres with Loko Massengo and Michel Boyibanda, I do not know if they ever released an album.

I more or less bought all the albums he released during the 80s but then lost sight of him, since then I have only found two of his cd's, this time the band's name had changed from Kamikaze Loningisa to TPOK Jazz, Franco's family gave him permission to do so, he probably had more chance that the others because he is married to one of Franco's daughters.

Unfortunately Youlou was struck down with a celebral hemorrhage while on stage in Congo last year, which left his right side paralysed and speechless, although I have since read that he can walk a bit with a cane as support. It is hoped he will not suffer from aphasia and can one day sing again. All compositions by You unless.....

Franco Présente Le Prince Youlou et le TPOK Jazz -- Edipop POP 05 - LP -- 1981

A: Mwana Bitendi -- Libaku Ya Monoko
B: Ilumbe -- Fafy

Franco Presente Youlou Mabiala et son Orchestre Kamikaze -- Edipop POP 019 -- 1982 -- LP

A: UCB -- Motema Na Ngai Television -- Gentil Ya Mbebo (Nlemvo Djomoke)
B: Sentiment Ekoti Nzube (Bola Bolithe)-- Ndoyi Ya Ba Soucis

100% De Pourcentage -- Eddyson K42-24 -- 1983 -- LP

A: Mofutela N'Dako -- 100% De Pourcentage
B: Zua Ebimi Maseke -- Cofiance

M'Bata -- Publi Son -- PS 001 -- 1983 -- LP

A: M'Bata -- Vivi (Bola Bolithe)
B: Niata Mabiala -- Tazos (Souza Vangou)

Etabe Mofude -- MC 103 -- 1983 -- LP

A: Etabe Mofude -- Ramel (Souza Vangou)
B: Tomanitu (Tino Muinkwa) -- Mame N'Kiwi (Serge Lenvo alias Djo Moke)

Vocal: Youlou & Tino Muinkwa & Djo Moke
Solo: Dercy Mandiangou & Souza Vangou
Rhythm: Don Jolly
Bass: Massaka & Jaffar
Drums: Minialo
Tumba: Tenga
Sax: Iblo
Trompette: Zinga Ngola

Judoka -- IAD/S 001 -- 1983 -- LP

A: Judoka -- Maka
B: Daniely (Dercy Mandiagou) -- Gervais (Nlemvo Djo Moke)

Carte Postale -- Voix D'Afrique -- 150.175 -- 1983 -- LP

A: Carte Postale -- Emoa N'Kana
B: Mamou -- Gare A Toi

L'African Record Centre Presente Le Prince Youlou Mabiala -- Tchika 011/85 -- 1984 -- LP

A: Beyouna -- Clara
B: Mayi Ya Nkamba -- Mousawa

Karibu -- REM 390 -- 1984 -- LP

A: Karibu -- Moussawa
B: Mangali (Nlenvo Djo Moke) -- Eva (Pepito Fukiou)

1 x 2 = Mabe -- Apia -- AP 050 -- 1984 -- LP

A: Le Corps Refuse - 1 x 2 = Mabé
B: Ondolé Léa (Nlemvo Djo Moke) -- Hardy Jose (Pepito Fukiou)

Vocals: Youlou & Nlenvo Djo Moke & Toupi Tukala & Rex & Pasky Kivuila
Solo: Souza Vangou & Edi Mabungou & Bopol Bandesse
Rhythm: Don Joli
Bass: Jaffar Loubamba & Mick
Percussion: Moke Abro & Lilas
Tumba: Nona Simon

5eme Anniversaire -- Disques Esperance --ESP 8424 -- 1985 -- LP

A: Loufoulakari -- Agna
B: Je Suis Encore Jeune -- Beranga Ondongo (Elba Kuluma)

Mon Avocat A Voyage -- Disco Mabele -- DM/001 -- 1987

A: Mon Avocat A Voyagé -- Tubela (Kiala Don Joly)
B: Djeliba -- Ma Vali (Souza Vangou)

Youlou Mabiala avec Virmiche et Angelo Chevauchet -- New King NK 5114 -- 1988 -- LP

A: Amina Coulibaly -- Diplomate
B: Racha (Angelo Chevauchet) -- Adjovi

Angelo Chevauchet

La Releve -- Sonodisc CDS 7023 -- 1997 -- CD

Signe Indien (Bola Bolithe) -- Nanou (Toupi Tukala)-- Hésitation (Isis) -- Problème (Bola Bolithe) -- Pota Na Motema (Six Mille) -- Jean Luc Mukoko (Autry) -- N'Deka Aliaka (Mayos) -- Bizetti (Marius) -- L'Ame Qui Parle (Six Mille & Luambo Emongo)

Vocals: Youlou & Bola Bolithe & Toupi Fautala & Lola Marius & Babo & Mayos & Tino Muinka
Solo: Elvis Siongo & Cesar Aridja & Six Mille Six Cents Volts
Rhythm: Kermine & Andy Selemi Kazanga
Bass: Autry Lukengo
Drums: Jean Babel & Laila Makabi
Tumba: Pachanga
Percussions: Laila & Jean Rabel
Synthe: Alain

Infraction -- Sonodisc CDS 8831 -- 1998 -- CD

Sylvain -- Jeannot -- Na Baba Yezu -- Carte Rouge (J P Lola) -- Etabe Mofude -- Infraction -- Pelede -- Nathou (Tapis Malo)

Vocals: Youlou & Tapis Malo & Babo & Decharme & Gyzhat & JP Lolo & Marius
Solo: Souza Vangou & Auguy & Solo & Youlou Abiala? & Rocky
Rhythm: Don Joly & Selemani & Andy
Bass: Otry & Yves Mbambi
Synthe: Alain Kipulu
Tumba: Pachanga
Horns: Samy & Strunf
Batterie: Barel & Slaila
Programmation drums: Djou Djou


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