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Published on Jul 4, 2014

**NEW UPDATE 5/16/2015** : UNDENIABLE CIRCUMSTANTIAL EVIDENCE OF LIBERAL TROLLS AT WORK IN YOUTUBE OPERATIONS. This video was initially reported favorably by many conservatives and initially got about 5000 views on the first day couple of days and the numbers essentially froze after that for all this time despite being supported by many 1,000's of conservatives and organizations all over Twitter for over a year. The same kind of Nazi-esque, Orwellian nightmare censorship actually described in our video Orwell's Obama is being lived out in real-time on ALL of our Tea Party Fire Ants videos by, in our very, very extremely-strongly-held opinion, leftist/Obama-supporting operatives working within Youtube. Such censorship has been inflicted on all of the Tea Party Fire Ants videos except for How To Prove Frank Marshall Davis is Obama's Father, which liberals on Twitter chided as consipracy theory & put before centrist members of congress in an effort to frighten them away from the Fire Ants; but now that a 1995 video has emerged of Obama admitting Davis was his "mentor", now even the views for that video are plainly being tampered with similarly: After an estimated 250-350 views a day for over a year resulting in 117,000-plus views, suddenly views are freezing for days. When we complain about it, the views go up *a little* in an obvious and disgusting left-wing-nazi-esque attempt to be cute and disprove the allegation while maintaining 90% and more of the censorship being complained about. Cute, eh? Adorable, right?.
Watch our videos twice and see if the video views move at all after you refresh the page: they won't. Obama's "Internet Army", as insidious as the Nazi SS and the USSR KGB, are on the job. Unless Obama is impeached and his political reputation ruined forever, he will retire politically unscathed and become a grand old man of the democrat party and continue to influence and lead such operations for the rest of his life until American free speech is utterly destroyed - no exaggeration whatsoever. Obama and his followers are plainly "not nice".
FOR MORE and qualification of the Tea Party Fire Ants being endlessly harassed and defamed on social media, and as reported in the articles, in some cases very arguably criminally, read these two front page articles on very well-read and influential World Net Daily, the editor of which is often a guest on Hannity and other TV talk shows:
I hope these trolls do know that law enforcement is moving in, and when it does, Obama will not write them a pardon, he will throw them under the bus. If Obama would throw his best friend Ayres and his own pastor, Wright, under the bus, enraging them both, he won't give the trolls a second thought when they are arrested and go to jail. Obama will party day and night amidst celebrities and his people probably won't even bother to tell him about his trolls in jail, because they won't care about it and know that Obama won't care, either.
Watch this video twice and refresh you page. Bet you the numbers do not move, and the only ones who will say they do are people will will attach vitriol to their comments because trolls just have to be trolls. Unfortunately. Impeach Obama Now.

EDIT 3/4/2015; THIS VIDEO HAS BEEN STUCK AT VIEW NUMBER 530 FOR MONTHS despite people viewing it. ARE OBAMA TROLLS INSIDE YOUTUBE FREEZING THE NUMBERS? We have PROVEN Trolls inside Twitter have been censoring powerful messages off the hashtags. This is not theory, Congressional offices were called and their tech people saw it themselves. WATCH THIS VIDEO and see if the numbers go up. Maybe this announcement will scare them into unfreezing the view count.. END EDIT More.......... RE-UPLOADED AFTER TAKEN DOWN FOR UNKNOWN REASONS. (Hmmmmmm) FOLLOW US ON TWITTER AT @TP_Fire_Ants....An encapsulation of the previous 18 months of the Tea Party Fire Ants political activism; Successful Fox News TURN RIGHT boycotts (the only successful boycotts every launched against the network, and this one from the right!), Benghazi select committee HRes36, HRes442 to take Obama to court, Overpass coordination/participation and so-far exclusive creative ways to beat the mainstream media silence. There is MUCH more to come. We have not BEGUN to fight!

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