Rep. Swalwell Asks DHS Secretary about Malaysia Airlines Incident





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Published on Mar 13, 2014


  1. 23

    Rep. Swalwell on Fox News about the Crisis at the Border

  2. 24

    Rep. Swalwell questions Kevin Oaks, U.S. Customs and Border Protection Chief Patrol Agent

  3. 25

    Rep. Swalwell questions TX Governor Rick Perry

  4. 26

    Swalwell Questions DHS Secretary on Unaccompanied Minors Crossing Border

  5. 27

    Rep. Swalwell's bill to name the Dublin Post Office after Dr. Jim Kohnen

  6. 28

    Swalwell Recognizes Brad Kearns on his Retirement

  7. 29

    Science Committee Refuses to Read the Bill

  8. 30

    Rep. Swalwell Blasts Anti-Climate Science Bill in Science Committee

  9. 31

    Rep. Swalwell Takes on UN Climate Change Report Critics

  10. 32

    Rep. Swalwell on Climate Change

  11. 33

    Rep. Swalwell Fights to Protect the National Ignition Facility

  12. 34

    Rep. Swalwell Recognizes Hayward Mayor Michael Sweeney

  13. 35

    Rep. Swalwell calls for nationwide audit or airport perimiters on CNN

  14. 36

    Rep. Swalwell at April 9 Homeland Security Committee Hearing

  15. 37

    Rep. Swalwell investigates passport security loopholes exposed by Malaysia Air incident

  16. 38

    Rep. Swalwell honors Lance Corporal Andrew Silva

  17. 39

    Rep. Swalwell Honors Hayward's Graciela Tiscareno-Sato

  18. 40

    Rep. Swalwell's Philippines Charitable Giving Assistance Act passes the House

  19. 41

    Rep. Swalwell's video message to San Lorenzo High School students

  20. 42

    Rep. Swalwell Remembers Fallen Oakland Police Officers on Anniversary

  21. Rep. Swalwell Asks DHS Secretary about Malaysia Airlines Incident

  22. 44

    Rep. Swalwell questions the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security

  23. 45

    Rep. Swalwell Marks 50 Years of the War on Poverty

  24. 46

    Rep. Swalwell pushes for transparency in cybersecurity bill

  25. 47

    Rep. Swalwell includes National Labs in Cybersecurity Bill

  26. 48

    Rep. Swalwell Responds to the Assault on CA Power Station in Homeland Security Committee

  27. 49

    Rep. Swalwell Honors Fallen BART Sgt. Tommy Smith on the House Floor

  28. 50

    21 Dems Urge Extension of Unemployment Benefits on House Floor

  29. 51

    Rep. Swalwell Raises Awareness about Human Trafficking

  30. 52

    Rep. Swalwell on the War on Poverty

  31. 53

    Rep. Swalwell Honors the Late Pete Andersen

  32. 54

    Rep. Swalwell's First Year in Congress

  33. 55

    Rep. Swalwell passes amendment to study climate change & its effect on drought

  34. 56

    Rep. Swalwell honors Army NCO of the year from Hayward.

  35. 57

    Rep. Swalwell calls for airdrops of food and supplies in the Philippines

  36. 58

    Rep. Swalwell's Message to Batkid

  37. 59

    Rep. Swalwell fights for victims' rights

  38. 60

    Rep. Swalwell Honors Judge Walker for his Retirement

  39. 61

    Rep. Swalwell Recognizes Domestic Violence Awareness Month

  40. 62

    Rep. Swalwell Passes Amendment to Recruit Veterans for Cybersecurity Careers

  41. 63

    Thank you to 4th graders at Neil Armstrong Elem. in San Ramon

  42. 64

    Rep. Swalwell Condemns Tea Party Behavior on National Mall

  43. 65

    Rep. Swalwell: Keep Lawrence Livermore and Sandia Open!

  44. 66

    Rep. Swalwell Leads Special Order Hour on National Labs (Introduction)

  45. 67

    Rep. Swalwell Calls for an End to the GOP Shutdown

  46. 68

    Rep. Swalwell Calls for an End to the Government Shutdown

  47. 69

    Rep. Swalwell Honors Jensen Ranch Elementary School in Castro Valley

  48. 70

    Rep. Swalwell Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

  49. 71

    Bishop Macklin delivers opening prayer on the House Floor

  50. 72

    Rep. Swalwell Recognizes Bishop Macklin

  51. 73

    Honoring the Life of Sirous Sadaghiani on House Floor

  52. 74

    Rep. Swalwell recognizes the Hindu American Foundation

  53. 75

    Rep. Swalwell Honors Dr. Emily Ruffo of the Hayward Police Department

  54. 76

    Rep. Swalwell Discusses the Need for Secondary Barriers to Protect Cockpits

  55. 77

    Rep. Swalwell Congratulates Saint Anne Catholic Parish on its 40th Anniversary

  56. 78

    Rep. Swalwell Expresses Strong Opposition to Chained CPI

  57. 79

    Rep. Eric Swalwell on Immigration Reform

  58. 80

    Rep. Swalwell Stands Up for Prevailing Wage at National Labs

  59. 81

    Rep. Swalwell Praises National Labs

  60. 82

    Rep. Swalwell Fights for National Labs

  61. 83

    Rep. Swalwell Questions Mayor Giuliani at Homeland Security Committee Hearing

  62. 84

    Rep. Eric Swalwell Recognizes Castro Valley Pride on House Floor

  63. 85

    Rep. Swalwell Honors Canyon Middle School

  64. 86

    Rep. Swalwell Speaks Out Against Hate Crimes on the House Floor

  65. 87

    Rep. Swalwell Questions DOE Secretary Moniz

  66. 88

    Rep. Swalwell Recognizes Small Business Week

  67. 89

    Swalwell Passes Amendment to Let the Music Play at Pleasanton Scottish Games

  68. 90

    Rep. Swalwell Amendment Prevents Knives on Planes

  69. 91

    Rep. Swalwell Amendment Protects Mass Transit Systems from Terrorism

  70. 92

    Rep. Swalwell Applauds TSA Final Decision to Prohibit Knives in Plane Cabins

  71. 93

    Rep. Swalwell: We need to serve our veterans as well as they served us

  72. 94

    Rep. Swalwell Calls for Comprehensive Immigration Reform

  73. 95

    Rep. Swalwell Recognizes Castro Valley Principal Mark Croghan

  74. 96

    Rep. Swalwell: Doubling the student loan rate is an attack on students

  75. 97

    Rep. Swalwell advocates for the "Helping Heroes Fly Act" to support wounded warriors

  76. 98

    Rep. Swalwell Calls on Republican House Leadership to Prevent Student Loan Rates from Doubling

  77. 99

    Rep. Swalwell Speaks Out Against the 37th Attempt to Repeal Obamacare

  78. 100

    Rep. Swalwell Honors Virginia "Dee" Williams from Livermore on House Floor

  79. 101

    Rep. Swalwell Recognizes Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month

  80. 102

    Swalwell & Boston Police Commissioner Praise Alameda Co Training Program

  81. 103

    Rep. Eric Swalwell Speaking Out Against the "Paying Working Families Less" Act

  82. 104

    Rep. Eric Swalwell Honors Amador Valley High School's "We the People" Team

  83. 105

    Rep. Swalwell Honors the Unionist of the Year

  84. 106

    Rep. Swalwell Recognizes Fremont for "Make a Difference Day" Award

  85. 107

    Rep. Swalwell Questions DHS Secretary Napolitano at Homeland Security Hearing

  86. 108

    Rep. Swalwell Honors Hayward Teacher Ms. Lili Velo

  87. 109

    100 days as your Congressman

  88. 110

    Rep. Swalwell Demonstrates Deficiencies in TSA Knives Policy at Homeland Security Hearing

  89. 111

    Rep. Swalwell Promotes Make it in America jobs plan

  90. 112

    Rep. Swalwell Recognizes San Ramon for 30 Years

  91. 113

    Rep. Swalwell Honors Fallen Soldier from Hayward

  92. 114

    Rep. Swalwell Recognizes 2013 Alameda County Women's Hall of Fame Inductees

  93. 115

    Rep. Swalwell at Science Committee Hearing on Asteroids

  94. 116

    Rep. Swalwell Congratulates Hayward Education Foundation for 30 Years

  95. 117

    Rep. Swalwell Questions TSA Administrator Pistole about Prohibited Items Policy Change

  96. 118

    Rep. Swalwell Calls for Strengthening Cyberdefense

  97. 119

    Rep. Swalwell Celebrates Women's History Month

  98. 120

    Rep. Swalwell Honors Wounded Marine from San Ramon

  99. 121

    Rep. Swalwell calls for the reauthorization of the bipartisan Violence Against Women Act

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