911 South and North Tower collapse collapses





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Published on Nov 27, 2009

South tower collapses at 9.59 AM. north at 10.28
watch next pt, pt 3 at; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8whjiM...
watch pt 1 at; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LgdpTZ...

N.J. Burkett ABC reporter, Amateur video Dr. Mark Heath, Lucia Davis, BNN West Broadway, Don Dahler reporting, FDNY Radio Transmission recordings demolition demolished implosion explosion charges pop crack boom bomb debri, dust cloud, pulverized concrete woman on street crying Harold Dow, David Lee One tower of world trade center collapses Fox News Live WCBS Police Officer Cops Law enforcement, ash, smoke witness no 2nd plane foreknowledge Stephen Evans North American business correspondent. big explosions from much lower, Jules naudet, firefighters fdny john schroeder, camera planet archive 7 days in September top floors collapsed down twin towers, big boom FBI federal agents government Willie Rodriguez

911 9/11 9/11/01 2001 september the 11th 11

Fox New and CNN and live reoports and witnesses
implosion, demolition. bombs, conspiracy 911 world trade center soluth tower north tower dust cloud engine 7 new york politcs

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Tags: news politics bush conspiracy world trade center inside job 911 9/11 neocons demolition wtc usa terrorism cheney pnac

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As fucked up as it sounds, I wish I was old enough at the time to understand this and at least watch it live. I was only in second grade. All I knew is I got out of school early lol
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Well maybe it will be someone from your generation who gets it officially exposed and real investigations going again. This was a inside job. I watched this & they planned this false flag for years it took a massive amount of resources, criminals, & traitors to pull this off the towers were the distraction from the real targets. Bldg # 7 & the treasury dept at the Pentagon. To understand where & why this happened you simply have to go back to 1922 when a said PRESCOTT BUSH tried to overthrow our government with a fscist coup again FDR. There was a congressional committee hearing convened and Prescott was fined 4K at the end of the attempted coup D eta. Later he became a senator. His son director of the CIA , Ambassador to China, & then president..with his grandson GW becoming president to. HW & GW are two of only three Skull and Bones members to become presidents.We havent had a real president since Reagan and he wass compromised by HW Bush's failed assassination attempt by using Hinckley. The Hinckley family had dinner with the Bush family 2 weeks before the attempt took place and from there on out we had a different president . From the styart of HW's presidency to the end of Obamas we seen a dramatic change in America turing the country into a fascist run police state .. I could never believe we have a president like president Trump today I thought America was lost..support this president he is the real deal..#MAGA
makeup guru
Guitarfollower22 I wasn't even born
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Jacob Perez
I love the edgy 13 year olds claiming to call 9/11 a conspiracy theory
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Willy Whitten
Remember this absurd question from dupes and stooges: "Name ONE right you have lost since 9/11.": TSA WARNS LOCAL POLICE ABOUT ITS NEW AIRPORT PAT-DOWNS Published: March 6, 2017 SOURCE: BLOOMBERG The U.S. Transportation Security Administration has declined to say exactly where—and how—employees will be touching air travelers as part of the more invasive physical pat-down procedure it recently ordered. But the agency does expect some passengers to consider the examination unusual. In fact, the TSA decided to inform local police just in case anyone calls to report an “abnormal” federal frisking, according to a memo from an airport trade association obtained by Bloomberg News. The physical search, for those selected to have one, is what the agency described as a more “comprehensive” screening, replacing five separate kinds of pat-downs it previously used. The decision to alert local and airport police raises a question of just how intimate the agency’s employees may get. On its website, the TSA says employees “use the back of the hands for pat-downs over sensitive areas of the body. In limited cases, additional screening involving a sensitive area pat-down with the front of the hand may be needed to determine that a threat does not exist.” http://www.blacklistednews.com/TSA_Warns_Local_Police_About_Its_New_Airport_Pat-Downs/57181/0/38/38/Y/M.html ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You have no more 4th or 5th Amendment rights here in brave new Amerika. \\][//
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Idek why people bring up the government like its going to change the fact that 3000 people died. Conspiracies will live on until the earth explodes, and then the weirdos will come with conspiracies about that!
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Either way if it was controlled or whatever you think, people died, there's no way people DIDN'T die. It doesn't matter how they died, but thousands did. You should respect that regardless.
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Ezo Raptor
Preston Garvey What mission do the minutemen blow up the Prydwen?
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Gosia Cegiełka
all I can say about 9/11 conspiracy theorists: Hey America! You have a bad case of stupid fucking people!
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Key I
Desert people with little flying experience hijacked 767s and 757s (no where near a Cessna / flight simulators), were able to maneuver them at 100s of miles an hour with precision accuracy, WTC1, 2, and 7(wtf?) collapse, WTC6(??) caved in the center, and the end result is that we have money that went missing, people who got (and still getting) rich, a destabilized middle east, different boogeyman groups, 100s of thousands of people have been killed, and millions affected. Actually, that isn't even the end result because it's still going on. If you still want to believe the official conspiracy theory about how a bunch of "religious" men who got drunk and messed with hookers prior to hijacking planes and causing all this mess, well, you should be the last person to call others "stupid fucking people"
Stephen Whitemore
this was so clearly a demo job hidden by the plane crashes, building will not fall in free fall speeds from anything other then a very precise controlled explosion, these buildings are designed to take the impact of larger planes with more fuel, within that building nothing would have been able to generate the heat to weaken steel enough to cause a collapse like that and there would not have been enough force to turn the entire building to dust. The manner of the fall as well, go look at any demo job, you will see it falls exactly how these 2 towers fell straight down next to no lean, the fact is a plane hitting a building wont cause that it doesn't have the energy or the sustained heat to reduce a building of this strength to the ground, the manner of this means it was a controlled explosion framed on a plane crashing into the building. lets take into account the last building falling if you listen to a report given by the fire brigade they just decided to "pull" the building the term pull means to take the building down with a controlled explosion. This can take a few weeks to setup not a few hours, this was pre planned and carried out by the government I doubt there was a single terrorist on those planes. Ground zero burned for nearly 4 months that's not possible with any of the materials that were known to be present in the planes or the building it would require a substance like thermite, basically what they must have done was pre planted thermite in the building to weaken the structure and then once they thought enough time had passed and it was weak enough they would have set off a controlled explosion. TL;DR nothing in the buildings could generate the heat needed to take down the building, only an explosion could cause abuilding to fall in that manner in free fall and the last building would have taken at east 2 weeks to set up the explosives to take it down the answer it was an inside job.
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Lord Zizumias
I like how people highlight "bulbs" shooting out of the side of the tower as it collapses as "planted explosives". No, it's just the fire and smoke exiting shattered windows as the force of the building pushes it out.. How could the government plant explosives on the building beams in a full building without anyone noticing?
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Stacey Rubin
Plunging a plane into the "top" of the pentagon is silly. The center of the Pentagon is a courtyard. So are you asking, if they can fly with that much precision, why didn't they hit it from the top instead of the side? Which in both instances, at that speed and altitude, they likely passed out first. But, oh well, I buy the official story.
Christopher Brown
It just proves that the government has lied to us before. Or are you one of those who buy into the magic bullet theory.
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Tyler Howell
People that propose the idea of "controlled demolition" don't have a proper understanding of physics and logic.
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Joe V
Future 7 punching a hole in the wall is not comparable to the kinetic energy of a falling mass. your fists will not increase in speed the farther you throw it but a falling mass will increase in speed the father it falls and gravity will continue to pull on it.. physics and Newton's first law of momentum are shown in action during collapse
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Ruben Clausen
If i ever become a bilionare i will rebuild the Twin Towers completely as they were (not in the middle of a city though) and then fly 2 planes into them exactly like the planes hit.. JUST to see if they will collapse..
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Gog Mclaine
So are you
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Shoaib Mohammad
the real terrorist is u.s goverment
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Compte Prive
I was in high school It just felt like it never ended, from the initial report of a plane crash into the world trade announced by a kid who was listening to the radio instead of following in class, which was shocking enough, to the people in my school crying saying they had family in there, to the second plane crash and then the concept of our city being under attack and the announcement throughout the school over speakerphone, to being evacuated and seeing the military jeeps scramble, the emergency vehicles all rushing downtown. It was all very alarming. and then I remember making it home and breaking down in tears when I got home and saw the buildings collapse on TV. Later that night I turned my TV off because I thought it was overheating because it smelt like burnt electronics. after an hour of turning the TV off it still smelled like it then I realized it was the air in the city coming in through my window.
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+WolfieIsDaBomb You both need to think about it. Published in March 2015 by Physicians for Social Responsibility, an estimate of the lives lost in the Afghan and Iraqi conflicts since 2001 is 1.3 million. Other estimates are as high as 2 million. ""UN figures show that 1.7 million Iraqi civilians died due to the West’s brutal sanctions regime, half of whom were children. The mass death was seemingly intended. Among items banned by the UN sanctions were chemicals and equipment essential for Iraq’s national water treatment system. A secret US Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA) document discovered by Professor Thomas Nagy of the School of Business at George Washington University amounted, he said, to ‘an early blueprint for genocide against the people of Iraq.’” Similar figures for Afghanistan, he reports, could bring totals to four million or more." quoted from http://www.mintpressnews.com/do-the-math-global-war-on-terror-has-killed-4-million-muslims-or-more/208225/ Now who deserves to be scared?
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