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Published on Jul 23, 2012

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Angry Video Game Nerd (Episode 107)
Schwarzenegger Games

2012 marked the year Arnie fully returned to us doing what he does best... Forget the diversion into the political arena, he's back where he belongs: On the big screen - dispatching outrageous numbers of bad guys whilst uttering corny lines and a cigar hanging out his mouth..

If you grew up in the 80s and 90s, chances are you watched one of his classics on VHS whilst being grossly underage the R rating. Usually at a friends house or using stealth when it was past your bed time... You loved the unnecessary violence, worshipped the swearing and winced at the gore. These were more then just stock action films, many like Terminator, Running Man and Total Recall had elements of sci-fi noir... Our minds were just blown. This was our right of passage, a first step into a larger world. Game developers were savvy to this fact, and so came the adaptions of his classics onto home consoles for the supposed 'oblivious' kids to play.

Welcome the Nerd back from his short hiatus as he reviews the best of the worst of the Austrian Oaks cartridge conversions on NES. Total Recall, Last Action Hero, Conan the Barbarian and Predator all feature. Can the Nerd find any good Schwarzenegger games? Lets find out!

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Comments • 19,701

Shinobi Wolf
I do have one good thing to say about Predator... at least they spelled "Congratulations" right.
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"The game is so bad, that even the enemy soldiers commit suicide" lmao :D
View all 4 replies
Ippiki Õkami
"this game is so broken, even the Terminator won't be back to play it"
Jose Esparza The Media Lover
+HighGradeQP In Last Action Hero NES Jack Slater looks like Jean Claude Van Damme
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Total Recall, a shitty movie license NES game, made by Acclaim, the company that bought LJN. You can't get away. You can never get away.
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Dat Boi The Lucario Kid
Tell me why the console looks like a fucking toaster
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I like how no one ever tries to troll him with the whole "You've offended me, deleted your video/channel" shit. As if trolls fear the Nerd.
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Godplay Gamer
Your sense of humour is awful :/
go DEEP into the comments section on the Magnavox Odyssey episode. you'll see it. i wasn't offended by the fuckin Nerd (i'm ok with it), but some swedish bitch of a mom was.
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Wanna know sadistic bullshit? An x files game on the PlayStation let you save a game after you died. I was almost done with the game and hit save instead of load when I died and when I loaded it again just a tombstone picture appeared...what kind of shit is that?
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Godplay Gamer
Well at least you can save. Dead space 2 has 3 save files trough out the entire 10 hour game and dead space 3 deletes all your save when you die. Well, on the hardest difficulties :D
Wexel 64
lego star wars
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total RECALL? more like total refund!
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MUDKIP MUDKIP This game was a Total Ripoff
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20:42 Huh, he forgot to feed his guitarist.
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The Antiquity Goth in Nimoy's voice: "I regret to inform you... that the guitar guy has passed away"
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R.J.J. O
View all 19 replies
Dolan The Gray hello is not "asta la vista baby" is "hasta la vista baby" ✌
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Adam DeFrancisco
"Put that shitty game down!" - Arnold Schwarzenegger
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Zel G.
"Everybody chiiiiill." takes out Super Mario 3
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Frederica Skormin
I have watched This an unhealthy number of times
View all 11 replies
The only unhealthy amount of times watching AVGN is zero
Godzilla 123
There is no such thing as "watching an unhealthy amount of times" with an AVGN episode.
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