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Published on Sep 12, 2012

9-11-1967 Principal Photography begins for
the Beatles Magical Mystery Tour

9-11-1967 Charles Manson begins recording for
Lie: The Love and Terror Cult

9-11-1968 The Beach Boys record the Charles Manson song
"Cease to Exist", renaming it "Never learned Not to Love" on the 20/20 album.

9-11-1969 John Lennon makes the decision to leave the Beatles.

9-11-1971 John Lennon and Yoko Ono appear on the Dick Cavett Show,
the day they move to New York City. John Lennon wears a shirt designed
by Yoko Ono. This shirt has a special quality in that when John Lennon performs music, the star insignia on the left shoulder is at a specific angle.

B E A T L E S with an "A"

The White Rabbit

9-11-1967 Synchronicity
On the same day that the Beatles begin principal photography for "The Magical Mystery Tour", Charles Manson begins Recording the Album "LIE: The Love & Terror Cult Album.
It is interesting to note that a similar synchronicity on the date of the Beatles crossing Abbey Road for the photograph of their album cover occurred during the time frame of the Tate/Labianca murders. Abbey Road was the 11th studio album for the Beates.

The Beach Boys record the Charles Manson's song "Cease to Exist", changing the title to "Never Learned not to Love".

Dennis Wilson of the Beach Boys makes a familiar handsign

Manson girl Susan Atkins (aka Sexie Sadie) makes a handsign
(a similar hand sign is made by Paul McCartney @1:21)
Susan Atkins had supported herself as a topless dancer and had been hired by The Church of Satan founder Anton LaVey for a stage production where she dropped LSD and played as a vampire. All in good fun of course. Just pure coincidence.

John Lennon makes the decision to leave the Beatles.
"Well I said to Paul I am leaving. We were in Apple and I just, I said I mean.... ahhh the group's over I am leaving."

John Lennon and Paul McCartney make oft seen before and very familiar hand signs for publicity photographs. These were done for a specific reason, as you will later see.

John Lennon makes a hand sign against a life sized card board cut out cartoon version of himself from taken from The Yellow Submarine. This was also done for a specific reason, on a specific day.

On September 11th, 1971 John Lennon and Yoko Ono move to New York City. They appear on the Dick Cavett Show later that night. On the show John Lennon wears a shirt designed
by Yoko Ono. This shirt has a special quality in that when John Lennon performs music, the star insignia on the left shoulder is at a specific angle.

Dick Cavett says,
"So here you are, transported through time to September 11th......"
(looks up)

Notice the shirt pentacle insignia on John Lennon's left shoulder.
It was designed by Yoko Ono to appear at a specific angle when John Lennon performed.
An example of this can be seen here @1:51

John Lennon is graphically framed inside the sun logo of the American television show
"Today". At the end of the interview he is again framed inside a similar logo displaying the then current time(Nine Eleven AM (This can be seen here @3:48)
The angles of the hour and minute hands of the clock perfectly frame John Lennon.
This was done for a specific reason and did not occur purely by chance.

Interview asks John Lennon
"Do the Beatles still exist?"

Listen as John Lennon goes into great detail about who he has worked with from his former band The Beatles, and who he has not worked with.

UPDATE: 9-16-2012
More notes coming soon, not in a place where I can devote the time to accurately complete them now. Partially completed.

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U still around? Or did they get to u?
Wade Hutson
You're REALLY stretching man.
Vincent Tallarida
You all need antipsychotic medication. 
Yes. And one connection they all have, and this includes Papa from Mama's and Papas is their military fathers! If you watch this and want to know more, watch anything you can on Laurel Canyon. It will blow your mind. The "60s" was all contrived by Tavistock. Our gov provided all these youngsters acid and drugs, and called them 'counterculture" Give me a break. 
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Back-in the Black Hole, but Everything STILL TURNING……… into white.
We still believe in Beatles. Hail, Hermes ! Isis, too !!!!
Michael Donald Weir
I need more #9!!!
Lord Textus
Please come back GFA, a few more videos please, it's getting very near the end.
stupidest thing ever
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