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Published on Aug 30, 2012

Hey Nation. I love your faces :) Thanks for watching my Thursday Show

*Links and Description type things down below*

In today's show we talk about Paul Ryan, the end of the Jersey Shore, a pizza punching douche, everything else that mattered to me.

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ALL of today's Stories:

Punched over Garlic Knots:

End of Jersey Shore:

Fox News Factchecks Paul Ryan:

Rick Santorum "Hands"


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Grazyna Evancio
how many snakes are there
Elephant Television / Endure One
This is such a liberal Phil evidenced by bashing conservative "old men afraid of change." However, he retains that increasing minimum wage would not just decrease employment, but ultimately harm the economy, which is very conservative. I don't understand why he leans towards the right, now. Was it because some libertarian schooled him (not really, the guy was an idiot who caught Phil off guard)? Moreover, Phil, you're comparing Americans to a woman who is inclined to get fucked by Paul Ryan, who is a Libertarian, as you are, and who you only support because he is so? In other words, you are assuming that Americans want a conservative/psuedolibertarian as what? It would be more appropriate if you compared yourself to the man or woman who is inclined to receive a dick, or Paul Ryan. I know this is your show, and we are here to listen to you opinions, but you overtly assumed everyone shares your political views. That warrants the douche bag of the day award.
Nathaniel Sarticus
hari sthapit
I looked at some of the responses on here however I reckon that is a good quality vid. My bro wants to get awesome with sexy chicks. He gleaned alot from a web-site called Master Attraction. (Google it.) The help and advice on the subject of seducing chicks at nightclubs from Master Attraction got him his first lustful encounters in greater than a couple of years. I got displeased though coz I heard them all.
Oh god brought back after 5 months, thanks for that. Fine then. You want anarchy, go live out in the wild without rules where you can do whatever you want. You don't want anarchy, then you accept that some laws are actually in place to protect you, not hinder your "freedoms" (a crazy thought, I know). Now can people quit resurrecting this 10-month old conversation just to talk in circles with the same banter? Why are you even still commenting on a 10-11 month old news video?
Damn you JappleAck
Also I've responded to you in a vey quick manner each time you've taken months to bring our conversation back up. Look at the post history.
And yet you're much much much much much much much more likely to survive with a seatbelt. You're substantially less likely to hear of a case where a person not wearing a belt was "spared" or "saved" than you are of a person dying or being seriously hurt because they were in a seatbelt.
Charels Darwin
I will say this: it's not the stupid people who he is attempting to protect it's the family of that stupid person and if that person ever did hit another car the non-belted person becomes a 150lbs. missle flying at 50mph at yo faces
Actually, no. I'm done with this conversation. It's obvious that you want to have the "freedom" to put your life at greater risk, and I say fine. Let Darwin have his day. In the meantime, I, like most others, will continue to choose the safest and most secure option available. Hopefully you never find yourself in a car accident when you choose the "freedom" option.
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