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APEGG - NNPB Glass Forming Process (NNPB - Narrow Neck Press and Blow - Glass forming process steps)

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This animation shows the Narrow Neck Press and Blow forming process used to produce a Coca Cola bottle.

Glass Forming Process steps:

- Gob Delivery
- Gob Loading
- Gob Settling
- Pressing
- Reheat
- Stretch
- Forming (Vacuum and Final Blow)
- Internal Cooling
- Cooling over Dead Plate
- Transport to Annealing Lehr

Today the NNPB process is a standard process for producing bottles with a finish diameter up to 38mm. With this process, containers with a more even glass distribution can be produced (no settle wave), making weight reductions of up to 30% possible. For the production of NR bottles (none returnable), this process is the one most commonly used.

APEGG offers an extensive support program for the introduction of NNPB:

- Plant audit (With this a gap analysis can be made)
- Managing necessary machine/line upgrades
- Container and mould design
- Support during sampling and line trials
- Introducing special SOP's
- Staff training in NNPB requirements (Class room and hands on)
- Training for Specialist, Operator, IS Maintenance, Mould Repair

With the assistance of APEGG, the difference between BB and NNPB can be understood and an action plan for the smooth introduction of the process can be made.
The NNPB process brings benefits especially in the production of NR bottles for the beer and soft drink market. Spirit and Wine bottles can also be produced with the NNPB process however there are some exceptions, particularly on wine bottles. Some very positive benefits are; e.g. better glass distribution, reduced container weight, improved visual effect, ... APEGG have a proven track record in assisting customers with the introduction of NNPB to their plants.

Less weight = less energy and raw material usage!

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