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Published on Jun 25, 2011

5-14-2011...Raw recruits meet their Drill Instructors for the first time...And their Drill Instructors' are sworn in, before they take command of the recruits, known as the Drill Instructor's Creed. And then their Senior Drill Instructor gives his speech, a well known speech to the new recruits of what is required of them at ALL times...This speech is very motivational and inspirational to recruits willing to earn the title of a United States Marine...

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Roy Mercer
lol did you see the the DI knock off the DI on the lefts cover?
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+Steven Tofu 00:25
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Guy on the left stood up... He dodged a bullet, cause no one saw him LOL
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Uncle Tom Genocide
Gamebreaker08 - oh they saw
Sgt Reynolds
No trust me they saw him....that was a gimme
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Ricky Jackson
my son left 6/8/15, today date as im writing this 8/29/15 which is the day after the crucible this morning 8:00 he became a MARINE ,i would like to tell you son,Thank you for this feeling of Pride that only a dad would know, and i love you.And thank you United State Marine Corp for helping me bring out the man in him,OORAH AND GOD BLESS THIS COUNTRY,and to all the Armed Forces
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Donald Burkett
+Jarrod Burroughs amen you took my words
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James Murphy
As I (one of the Hats in this video) sit here and read the comments, I shake my head in disapointment. the vidoe was posted to honor the hard work and achivement of the man in the black belt. It takes a few years of working 140 plus hrs a week and almost lossing everything you hold dear to get to that point. Instead all of you just sit here and bash everything that this means. None of you have worked this hard. And finally this is recorded and set up and practiced for a week straight before we receive the recruits. it is a fomality.
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Tennek Trey
James Murphy that's because they're scum civilians and they don't know better. I am a Marine vet and I can honestly say that boot was one of the best times of my life and emulated my DI's on the daily.👍🇺🇸
+James Murphy I sir, would shake your hand if ever given the chance.  Thank you for serving.
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OR's Lonewolf
the one thing I noticed is.............they have hair on their grape. We were all skinned bald. Back in the day, when we first met out DIs.........after our SDIs speech he turned to the other DIs and said two words........"Drill Instructors!!!"  All HELL broke loose!!! Foot lockers were dumped, racks destroyed and knocked over, trash cans thrown and bodies hitting the deck getting thrashed and it went on for over and hour and a half. COMPLETE organized Chaos!!  I am sure that this was "made for video".
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Gen X Murse70
Brother, those days are gone!  I remember all that, including the blanket parties, and even watching a recruit rolling over in his own vomit to pick it up off the deck.  Those were the good old days, before senators started getting letters & giving-in to the mad moms, crybaby feminists, and gay rights groups.  It was also a time when homosexuality was a serious crime in the military, & the USMC was at it's peak strength.
Manu Ginobilis Bald Spot
Yep. That's when I knew receiving was OVAH! Then it was a shit storm.
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1:09 lol
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Edlyn Miller
+Blake Gress I was over here dying from laughter 😂😂
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Ashok the Viking
I used always tell myself that these guys were, by law, obligated to care for me and could never punch me. It made training bearable.
Vincent Pertoso
Ahhh.......I believe that they should only obey all lawful orders.  Such as, if they are ordered to shoot Americans who refuse to give up their weapons as guaranteed under the 2nd Amendment they [the MARINES] must say ON to their superiors that they will not disarm American citizens.  And I expect that the high ranking non-commissioned officers if given such orders from higher up would be the first to tell their officers HELL NO!! .... Hu Raaaa!!!   All military must remember that the person sitting as in the oval office as Commander-and-Chief is just temporary hired help, hired by the American people every 4 years.
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Vincent Pertoso the fuck is wrong with you nigga
Vincent Pertoso
+Tub Hmoob The Military Oath for commissioned officers is different from the enlisted. Officers do not swear an oath to a person. They swear an allegiance to the US Constitution and to defend it against all enemies, foreign or domestic, not an allegiance to some person. For the enlisted the oath is subject to the orders of the officers and in accordance with the Uniform Code of Military Justice.  The Commissioning Oath "I, ___ , having been appointed an officer in the (Service) of the United States, as indicated above in the grade of ___ do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign or domestic, that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservations or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office upon which I am about to enter; So help me God." (DA Form 71, 1 August 1959, for officers.) The Enlistment Oath "I, ___, do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God." (Title 10, US Code; Act of 5 May 1960 replacing the wording first adopted in 1789, with amendment effective 5 October 1962). You think because you in part of your oath you swear to the President (whomever that might be) you must follow all orders be they legal or illegal, to say it another way. You think if the President tells you to disband the Congress in direct violation of the US Constitution or take by force the American People's weapons as secured by the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution you will just follow those orders. Son the Nazi military tried that defense at the Nuremberg trials after WW2. They insisted, "We were just following orders". The world found them guilty of crimes against humanity and many were hung. Here is the oath the Nazi took:  "I swear by God this sacred oath that to the Leader of the German empire and people, Adolf Hitler, supreme commander of the armed forces, I shall render unconditional obedience and that as a brave soldier I shall at all times be prepared to give my life for this oath." We in the US Military do not swear an oath to a political figure the American People hire for the job. No, we swear an oath to the US Constitution and the rule of law. We will obey all lawful orders. The US Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Nation and any law in violation of it is not a law. Any military order that violates the US Constitution is an illegal order and must be refused.
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Martin Productions
As a United States airman I have much love for my marine brothers and sisters
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+Martin Productions Well each branch does make fun of each other. But its all in good fun. Got to have humor.
Martin Productions
+hhds113 no sense in complaining right? It'll never change. The marines aren't the only ones who poke fun at other branches. We ALL do it. And it's all in good fun. One team one fight
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For all you thinking this was tame (or whatever), this was for the camera...TRUST ME WHEN I TELL YOU, every DI knew he was making  "A PUBLIC RELATIONS FILM".
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+Brairag Oooh Rah!
+magic3400 I wouldn't stress yourself with the comments section, Devil. Those who have earned it know and understand. Those who haven't, can't.
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