Rhythm Heaven Fever (Japanese) Playthrough Part 1





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Uploaded on Jul 31, 2011


Boy, was I waiting for this game. This is basically the third game in the Rhythm Tengoku/Rhythm Heaven series. The Japanese title for this game is "Everyone's Rhythm Heaven". The English name has been confirmed, being known as "Rhythm Heaven Fever". Sorry I'm doing three games at once, but Rhythm Tengoku is almost over and I had to get this started sometime soon. Surprisingly, I already finished this Playthrough. I got all 50 Medals on July 29, 2011, the same day that I got it. To make it clear about what's going on, these are a few notes.

1. This is a HALF-BLIND Playthrough. Some of the levels I have never played before and some I did before recording so most of the videos won't be just me trying to figure out the controls and messing up.

2. I am going to mess up a few times (not often, though) in some of the videos. If I get a Mediocre rank or I messed up often in the stage, I am going to exit it and re-enter. This Playthrough is mainly aiming for all Superb ranks.

3. Yes, I chose a Mii that looks like a Hoothoot from Pokémon to be my Mii for this game. I don't have any real Miis on my Japanese Wii.

4. The levels will be named the way that they are on the soundtrack. Credit goes to this site.


Now, we just need to find the translations for those names.

5. This is a 16:9'd version of 4:3 footage. Yeah, I know that's pretty lazy, but this was played on a Full-screen TV, unlike my North American Wii which is connected to a Widescreen TV. The The 16:9 version isn't much different, though. It just has more stuff on the sides, but nothing that affects the gameplay.

6. Like I said, I am trying to aim for all Superb rankings to obtain all 50 medals. I am not trying to aim for all Perfects. Sorry. Also, if you do get all Perfects, you get a mini-game, but I'm just showing the normal levels in this Playthrough.

7. Like I mentioned in one of my earlier videos, I think you should not skip through the video. Sometimes the sound desyncs when you skip through the video. I suggest watching it normally or waiting for the bar to reach the area you were waiting for. If it does desync, move the tracker on one of the completed areas to fix it. But still, I think that you should watch it normally or wait for the video to be loaded completely.

Now that I got all of that out of the way, I can explain what's going to be shown in this video. In this part, I am going to show the entire first column. (Except the Training stage, that would make the video too long, and it's kind of boring, anyways. I learned that from Part 1 of my Rhythm Tengoku Playthrough)
These are the levels shown in this part:

Hole in One: In this game, you just need to hit the golf balls thrown to you. The monkey throws them in a pretty simple way. The baboon slides the golf ball to you. When you see him preparing to slide it, hit A a beat after to hit the ball.

Akarui Robot Studio: This is similar to the Fillbots game from Rhythm Heaven on the Nintendo DS. For this game you need to push A and B at the right time to make the claw go downwards. The main thing to do in this game is screw the heads onto the bodies of the robots. black robots take more time to fix than the white robots. Hold A and B when the claw is attatched to the head of the robot, then release them when they are fixed.

Seesaw: In this game, you need to simply push A every time the character on the right is about to land on a part of the seesaw. Remember that he uses his head to hit the white part of the seesaw and his legs to hit the black part of the seesaw. When you get launched into the air, push A right when you're about to land back on the seesaw.

Gakkou de W Date: In this game, there's a boy and a girl sitting on a bench and two.... weasel monkey things, I don't know, chilling there. In this game, you play as the boy. Basically, you need to kick the basketballs, soccer balls, and footballs heading your way by pushing A. Soccer balls do not bounce but move really slowly, basketballs do bounce but are the same speed as the soccer balls, and footballs bounce back, then bounce forward before they come close to you. Once you get that down, this game is pretty simple.

1st Remix: Mostly everyone in this level wears a different outfit, and takes place in a more tropical environment. Like all remixes, this is a compilation of the levels played earlier.

UPDATE: I made two extra parts. One part to show the Game Boy Advance levels and one part to show the Endless Games.


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