Naruto Vs One Piece (ITS WAR TIME FANBOYS)





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Published on Jun 12, 2011

Fanboys and Tards Lets Go With the Facts, One Piece or Naruto?
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Story: Naruto Art : Naruto Humor : One Piece Soundtracks : Naruto Fights : Naruto Characters : Naruto There you go, now get over it one piece fanboys.
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Enough already. We all know Naruto is better than One Piece. Characters, storyline , soundtracks, fights and all the rest proves it. End of story.
Uhh no. The comment that was for u was all the way in june. Obviously this current discussion sparked because of my comment to omar not to u. Your comment to me actually was in responce to my comment to u all the way back in june that wouldnt make sense because i had said nothing that would cause u to say. "I never said that strength is part of character development. Now that is just false claims. " When did accuse u of appointing strength as character development? It was omar i was accusing of doing that. The way u tried to twist my words around. Good lord u almost gave me cancer. "You told him something. An almighty prophet worthy of being quoted. Your words, not mine.  Luffy might as well have none at all? Well too bad since that isnt possible since he already does." Was that supposed to be a witty comback? Its almost like you dropped that in their with no reason at all. Just tryna be clever. Anyways this is besides the point. If u pay attention to the hole picture instead of picking certain sentences maybe u can understand better. "I don't see how u saying luffy has very little development is any different from having zero development. Because he might as well have none at all", is what i told you. Then i went on to say "and nobody would notice. And that's only assuming he has any in the first place, even if it is just a small amount". Meaning he doesnt have any development. And if he did it wouldnt even matter because it would be so insignificant that its almost nonexistent. "Luffy might as well have none at all? Well too bad since that isnt possible since he already does". So too bad nothing because the fact is that he has none at all and their is nothing that proves otherwise. "You stated that "even usopp has more development than luffy." And that backs up my argument.". Wtf no it doesnt... Saying usopp has more development than luffy doesnt mean luffy automatically has development. I have more m&m's than you, but you have zero m&ms. But because i have more than you it must mean that you have some too just not as much as mine. Your logic. No Luffy is not a person. He is a moving picture on a screen. He doesnt think talk or do anything unless somebody makes him do those things. And when he does do things he doesnt actually do them because again he is merely a drawing or a moving picture on a screen. He doesnt exist in the physical realm. Just because he was designed after a person doesnt make him one. Just because i make a snowman doesnt mean its an actual man. But unlike luffy at least a snowman is a physical thing. Whereas luffy is merely an abstract idea. This makes him a colorful animated drawing with a voice actor that talks for him. A character. And I never said development is only a human trait. One of the topics in this discussion concerning luffy's human characteristics. Also "Why give natural human traits to nonexisting manufactured chracaters you say?". Yeah..no i never said that. I said it doesnt seem to make sense for you to apply human traits to a nonexistent character. Meaning u cant say luffy develops just like any other human because he isnt actually human.  your whole analogy with romeo and juliet is irrelevant because it was based off of a statement that i never made. And i dont care about some other manga that you basically through in for no reason and also has no relevance to the discussion. 
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The Vagabond
Shanks + Dragon + Zoro + Whitebeard + Mihawk + Luffy + Admirals... You still wanna say Naruto is better?!?!? I do admit Itachi and Pain are also really badass characters but OP is where its at... Remember Zoro's "Nothing Happened" moment?!?! I feel like only the people who have never watched One Piece hate One Piece. And look at the current situation in Naruto with Madara and all that crap...the plot is full of contradictions... Naruto should've ended after Pain vs Naruto and Kishimoto should've just made Naruto the hokage because that was the time when Naruto was already considered a hero... This ninja war is a huge cluster fuck, nothing more... Naruto has Solid over 205 Million copies of the manga total. One Piece has Solid over 380 Million total. The Most sales of any manga in japanese History!!
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Sri Kausthubha H
+The Asian Dude Limbo doesn't have a weakness that Luffy could exploit. Limbo is weak to Taijutsu, yes, but Luffy isn't fast enough to exploit that.
Sri Kausthubha H
+White Dragon Kishi continuing it is sorta due to Shonen Jump. OP= Famous as fuck in Japan. Naruto=Famous as Fuck in almost all foreign countries.
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Shaun N Ince
Even though I'm not much of a One Piece fan, it's still better than Naruto.
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FlickY PlickY
Shaun N Ince who the heck cares if you love op then it's fine. lolz
Shubham kumar
+DE MAN to fish out white knights like u... :)
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Dan Fisak
One piece destroys anything
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Itachi Uchiha
Almighty Lord Akainu
+Itachi Uchiha Wow, incest has spoken!
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Animanga Kingdom
One Piece is better
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Slick Boy McGee
No fucking shit.
+Ranford Ana trying to act cool plz hate somwhere else k im sorry if hate is the only thing u can do
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LOL. What war! One Piece hands down baby. But this topic relies on perspective so we all know rants and such will be flying.
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+hammadi Bruynzeel in your dreams maybe xD
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Bryce Norwood
I was a Narutard once. I blindingly thought it was the very best anime ever! However over the past summer i watched the One Piece episode from 1 to 614, where i stopped. One Piece is my new favorite anime. It contains a huge storyline, great soundtrack, great action, less talking. One piece doesn't have nearly as many flashbacks and less fillers. The entire Naruto series is based on the sly akatsuki and orochimaru. Thats really all there is to it. I still watch both, but i only read Naruto manga. Naruto manga been weak lately, but either way I'm giving it off to One Piece, it's too good. Honestly though, if you aren't completely caught up with both series you're missing out.
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Ranford Ana
Fuck up... You lolbredcat no one was talking to you. Mind ur own business.
+LODBredCat No Piece tards over here mate One Piece is my favourie shonen manga but by no means is it my favourite manga of all time. My favourite manga is Vagabond
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Death Dealing
We can all agree on one thing.  Luffy has a much a better goal he wants to be King of the Pirates while Naruto wants to be Mayor of his village.
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Someone in the comments
Not really. When you think of it it's the same thing. Plus, since Naruto is actually creative they divided up the lands & made different roles for each village
unraveled ninja
um no  protector  of his village  has a title of one of the strongest ninja  lives of others reast on his hand
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Staff Sergeant Matt Eversmann
Naruto is wayyyy better, one piece is boring for me, Naruto is just epic the characters for me are better and targeted at an older audience.
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BrandAn R
ONE PIECE!!!!!!! So emotional, inspiring, adventure packed and more!! AND THE MUSIC!!!! Holy mother of god.... THAT SHOW IS AMAZING -- in my opinion "better" than naruto - although that series is amazing too.... but one piece is just on a whole nother level 
BrandAn R Naruto hav more emotional scene super story and powerfull character
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