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Published on Jan 14, 2012

KJ:and in the end they all live happily ever after
Jazzy:whats wrong with that
KJ:theres always a happily ever after in every love story
RayRay:not in Romeo and Juliet
Princeton:or Aida
Mady:what the **** is that
RayRay:watch your mouth
Princeton:its an opera
KJ:only Princeton would know the name of an opera
E:we learned that in the 6th grade remember in music class
Mady:hmmm music class was 2nd period so at 8 in the morning i was sleep
KJ:i know thats right plus it was after math
Roc:what are we gonna do now its only midnight
Prodigy:oooh how about 7 minutes in heaven they played it on that movie 13 goin on 30
Jazzy:yeah lets play that
E:imma go get a scarf (goes and gets it)
Mady:alright who wants to go first
RayRay:me i wanna go first
Mady:ok jumpy let me tie the scarf around your eyes
Mady:(ties the scarf around his eyes) ok can you see anything
Mady:how many fingers am i holdin up (holds up 4 fingers)
RayRay:ummm 2
Mady:alright he's ready
Jazzy:lets mix the rules up a little
Jazzy:the blinded person has to touch someone and whoever they touch has to go in the closet with them
RayRay:alright (starts walkin around and touches Mady)
Mady:oh good
E:what you think was gon happen if he picked one of us
Jazzy:i tell you one thing he probably would've came out of that closet with no braids
RayRay:hey no hurting the hair
Mady:alright lets go in the closet
KJ:when that door close we're starting the timer

RayRay and Mady:(kissing)
RayRay:Mady have you ever thought about us uhhh you know
Mady:some times but i think we should wait no use rushing this relationship right
RayRay:right when we're both comfortable
Mady:yeah besides we're only 14 we should wait until we we're older
RayRay:i love you
Mady:i love you too (starts kissin him again and the door swings open)
Roc:ewww yall nasty

Mady:alright whos next
E:altigh here let me tie the scarf
KJ:alright who am i pickin and if you have an afro dont come no where near me
Princeton:that kinda hurts
KJ:(touches Prodigy)
KJ:(sarcastic) yeah terrific

Prodigy:whats up with you
KJ:what are you talkin about
Prodigy:you've been actin mad at me all week
KJ:im not mad at you
Prodigy:then how come last week when we were here at the house you suddenly got mad at me i dont even know what i did, then at the beach you acted like you didnt wanna hang out with me,you've been disagreeing with me,saying only a few words too me,whats wrong with you
KJ:to tell you the truth im just frustrated
Prodigy:about what
KJ:i- (the door opens)
Mady:time up
KJ:tell you later

E:ok my turn (gets blind folded and picks Princeton)
Jazzy:he walked in the way of me just like Mady did
Roc:Prodigy walked in the way of me
KJ:Roc its called 7 Minutes in Heaven not the other way around
Roc:you really love me dont you
KJ:im just playin bro
Princeton:alright let go in the closet
Mady:uh ohh
KJ:(starts singin) we gone get freaky in this house
Mady nd Jazzy:(singin) freaky in this house
E:(walks in the closet with Princeton)

Princeton:finally some alone time
E:yeah (starts makin out with Princeton and backs up against the wall)
Princeton:(picks her up and they pretty much make out for the rest of the time)
Jazzy:(knocks on the door) times up
Princeton and E:(straighten up)

KJ:damn what went on in there we heard bumpin around
Roc:what did yall do
Jazzy:alright its obvious im gonna end up pickin Roc so lets just go in the closet now

Jazzy:i cant believe you did that at the awards
Roc:well i wanted a special moment to give you the ring and i thought that was the best moment ever
Jazzy:i know to that in front of millions of people that was cool
Roc:i was scared to do it in front of millions of people but i love you and thats what mattered
Jazzy:i love you too (kisses him)
KJ:(opens the door) alright love cakes times up
Roc:(walks out with Jazzy) love cakes
Prodigy:alright its 12:30 im goin to bed
KJ:i'll come with you we need to finish our conversation

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