U.S. Cameraman has Proof 9/11 was a Lie





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Published on Sep 7, 2010

An American FEMA cameraman who says September 11 was a lie is facing extradition from Argentina to the United States on alleged murder charges. Kurt Sonnenfeld, a man who was provided provisory refugee status seven years ago, is now wanted by the US government on murder charges. He is the only cameraman that filmed crucial images of Ground Zero in New York after the Twin Towers collapsed.

Sonnenfeld, who lives in Buenos Aires with his Argentine family, says the footage proves that 9/11 was a lie. He still has the 22-hour footage that US authorities want.

"I have promised to give my footage to the big investigators that are credible and widely known - investigators who will be able to detect anomalies that I or other people without scientific education might miss. With that in mind, I hope that there are many things they can discover that disprove the current official story of what happened," Sonnenfeld told a Press TV correspondent.

He says he fears for his life if he is sent back to the United States to face trial. The Denver police have claimed they have evidence that show he killed his first wife in the US.

Social activists who are campaigning for Sonnenfeld to be given refugee status in Argentina say the Denver police are lying. The Sonnenfelds say they have been under police surveillance and that their phone has been tapped.

Sonnenfeld claims that his footage proves top US government officials were aware of the 2001 terrorist attacks before they occurred says he is a victim of a US plot to silence him.

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How convenient that they now discover he 'killed' his wife, when he has footage of 9/11. The US gov isn't fooling anyone (well except for the people who are stupid).
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Yasser Arafat
the US Government killed its own people
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Can't believe so many of you are buying this murder crap. Discrediting is the first thing they do. Open your eyes for God's sake. Stop being sheep.
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So a guy finally comes forth with something that could blow the governments cover and all of a sudden he's wanted for murder! For fucks sake he is a cameraman, by the looks of him he is unlikely to be a killer but what do I know, all I see here is innocent people being murdered by the government for possesing things they don't want the world to see. I am a guy that strongly thinks that the world is controlled by a few people, but I am just one out of not many people who think this, because the rest of the population believes in the news they see on TV and all that scripted bullshit, that's why we are not a threat to them. If i was in the possesion of what this guy had I would of made everything possible to be 'invisible' to everyone, untill i got to the experst then somehow contact a hacker who could hack into the news and put the tape showing the evidence live. I bet your cable would not work anymore in a minute or so.
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Brian Cox
An empty field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, where they tell us a 100 ton jet crashed and left no debris field, is all the evidence that anyone should need in order to know that what the government and media has told us about the day, is a lie. As to conspiracy theories and conspiracy theorists, I laugh when I hear the word associated with those that question the official "story" of 911, because the official "story" is, itself, a conspiracy theory - 19 men, as led by 2 in a cave and assisted by dozens around the world, put the entire US military and intelligence services to sleep for not only two hours on the day, but for the days, weeks, months and indeed, a year-and-a-half, leading up to the event. They simply walked through trillions of dollars of manpower, hardware, software and decades of training, as if it wasn't even there. Moreover, they did it while those same services were running four drills for the very thing that happened - four hijackings. Anyone that still believes the government's conspiracy theory is a tinfoil hat wearing moron and a gullible sheep.
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Every body knows Rothschild Israel and the Bush Criminal cartel was in back of 911   And the reason why they were never prosecuted is because it was in JEW YORK where the Jews own the courts and you would get no justice from the JEW SENATE or JEW Congress who would have to prosecute Zionist Jews ...Mossad ...THis is the second biggest scam Jews pulled off ...The first is their PRIVATE ZIONIST BANK CALLED FEDERAL RESERVE  The bank that prints YOUR money   then   sells it back to you  at interest...Then inflates the value 9 times calls it fractional banking and repeats everything...The Biggest SCAM OF MANKIND IN THE WESTERN WORLD
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The most important question for me is: What happened to WTC 7?????? In the official report: Nothing! It is impossible, that a modern building like WTC 7 can collapse in 7 seconds only because there was a fire. I don't know, if the other theories (conspiration etc.) are true.. I have no idea, who's lying and what's the truth. But, WTC 7 is such a weired thing, nobody did explain it so that it becomes understandable! And ONE Lye makes the whole Story of the official report unreliable!!
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the fact Bush sat in that elementary school for almost a half hour after the first plane hit in itself proves foreknowledge, if not by Bush then by those surrounding and protecting him at very least.
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Ladies and Gentleman, there is no longer any question that the government was complicit in the 9/11 attacks. The government has been captured by super entities, common directors behind Transnational Corporations who control all major corporations world wide. They are waging a war against us. They are using psychological principles as per Edward Bernays propaganda. They use sock puppets in social media to steer our thinking. They control the television and they control the government in so many ways. The constitution is no longer enforceable due to state capture. They do not see us as humans. They see us as cattle. They brought down the economy in the 1930s, and despite the misery and despair the people of America never revolted. The people did not revolt because they did not know or understood how these international bankers work. As the economy foundered millions went to turn in their worthless paper for gold but were turn back.  Banks close their doors. The people did not know that Federal Reserve notes were not redeemable for lawful money because there where 70 billion of these counterfeit promissory notes and only 3 billion dollars in gold reserves. Tons of gold was confiscated from the American public and taken in trainloads.  Today that gold is unaccounted for. They shot a president in broad daylight and covered it up for half a century. They were behind 9/11. With 9/11 came the wars. They wanted to install the same debt system world wide using the American military. This is a war that has been raging for more than 2 hundred years. They are experts in bribery, assassination, false flag operations, and collapsing the economy to trade paper for real assets. The source of their power is counterfeiting. They counterfeit money and loan it to people and to government. They want total world dominion. They are dynasties. The president holds no power. The presidents are merely actors. During the 1800s they discovered that they have to remain anonymous. You cannot fight an enemy without a name or an address. But... I think that they are afraid of us. They are afraid of the internet because more and more people are discovering how these super entities work. More and more people are discovering exactly the counterfeiting scheme. More and more people understand that the media is their voice and that that voice has an agenda. While for the moment it appears that they have gotten away with murdering so many people on 9/11. People distracted with the next NFL contest or celebrity gossip choose to ignore what is ahead for them. But perhaps there is a day of reckoning. Perhaps... For that day to come people need to have a passion for learning the truth about our monetary system, the truth behind bribery, lobbyist, military agenda, and our government.
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Douglas Kay
I have never believed the official 9/11 story, how could anybody with functioning brain believe that fairy tale, it ranks alongside little red riding hood.
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