You Just Don't Know It- Chapter 27, Part 3





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Published on Jul 8, 2008

Chapter 27, Part 3

Then it was almost 7 o' clock and the lights dimmed. And the fans started screaming because they knew the concert was about to start. And as I looked around, I noticed the place was packed, and Jesse McCartney was big in NJ. And there was a wide screen in the center that showed Jesse pictures and a plane taking off, which probably meant his Departure. Then the band started to play an intro and the crowd went even wilder.

Then suddenly Jesse McCartney came out and started singing How Do You Sleep?. All the girls screamed and got excited. And I was excited too but I didn't scream instead I let out an eep.. when I saw him. He was amazing and that was a great song. And everybody was singing along including me. Then he started singing Beautiful Soul. That song may be old but everyone still likes it and knows it.

"I don't want another pretty... face
I don't want just anyone to hold...
I don't want my love to go to waste.." I sang.

But then I suddenly hear a familiar voice singing over my ear, "I want you... and your... beautiful soul."
And then I immediately turned around and saw no one other than Nick Jonas.

"Nick!!" I said as I let out a scream and hugged him. But still no one could clearly hear me because of Jesse singing.

I was so excited that he was here. He made it!!! But he was wearing a large and I mean really large sweatshirt with the hood over his head. And I was a little confused of why he was wearing a sweatshirt in the middle of June.

He laughed.
"So, you like my sweatshirt?" he asked grinning.
I laughed.
"It's the middle of June, isn't it to warm for that?" I asked.
"Yeah, I know, but I just couldn't risk it. There are girls here and if anyone would recognize me then it wouldn't be nice because then I won't be able to be with you," he said.
I smiled. Then he smiled back.

"So, enjoying the concert?" he asked.
I turned and faced to where Jesse McCartney was, "Yeah, he is amazing!!" I said with a smile. Noticing he was now singing Leavin'.
"I'm glad," he said as he walked up t o be next to me.

Then we both enjoyed the rest of the concert. Jesse sang Leavin', It's Over, Told You So, and lastly Relapse. It was the best concert I had ever been on. Not to mention the only one.

Then me and Nick both walked outside. And waited for our ride home. My dad was gonna come pick us up, and I had called him with Nick's cell so he wouldn't worry.

It took a while and then my dad had came. We both into the car and my dad drove us home. During the whole ride me and Nick would talk about the concert and the stuff Jesse McCartney did. And Nick even told me that he liked the song Leavin' because it had a catchy tune. And I just had to smile when he said that.

Soon, we got home and my dad parked his car and he went inside the house. While Nick and walked in a slower pace and Nick walked me to my front door.

It was silence for a while when we stood in my front door but then I remembered what I had to tell him...

"ohh, yeah..Nick so when you left.." I started.
"Ohh, yeah..about that. I'm so sorry, I wanted to tell you but..," he said but I cut him off.
"Don't worry about it, your brothers told me about it and it's ok," I told him.
"Ohh ok, but wait! I got you something.." he said as he reached in the pockets of his large sweatshirt. And he took out a small white bear with a blue heart on it's shirt, "This is for you.." he said as he handed it to me.
And I received it.
"Thanks.." I said as I looked at it, "it's so cute.."
"Your welcome," he said with a smile and I looked up at him and smiled back.

"Ohh yeah so to back what I wanted to tell you.." I started but I got interrupted with his phone ringing.

Why was there many interruptions when I wanted t otell him something?

And when I heard him talking the things I only heard him say were, "ok, ..ok....fine!...yeah I get...dude!!....ugh!..ok, bye..." and the he hung up.

"Sorry, I have to go home. Joe apparently has a big problem and needs me now," Nick told me in a sigh.
I smiled.
"That's ok.." I told him.

Then he received another call again.
"Joe! I get it...yeah now.." he said to the phone.
"Sorry, Christine. I have to go, " Nick said as he took the phone out of his ear and covered it with his hand. Then he quickly kissed my cheek.
"Talk to you tomorrow?" he asked as he began walking backwards to his house.
"Yeah, bye!" I said.
"Bye!" he then said and continued talking to Joe on the phone.

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