cargo-Life Is Sweet

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2007/07/22 に公開
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Cargo consists of 4 artists who has performed with and without Japan, and
has received great reputation.
Beginning their act in 2004, when they released their 1st mini album [the
scene],their cutting-edge sense has received notice and ranked in HMV and
Tower Records' chart.
With the key word [good music] at their roots,their music cross overs the
genres of House, Club Jazz ,Hip Hop and Drum'n Bass.
In 2005, they released their 2nd mini album [Super Freak], and V.A. [Sister
Bossa6]which was release from IRMA(Italy).
In the following year 2006, they released [The Cover Job](King
Records),[SisterBossa7](IRMA),[apertivo TOKYO](apertivo)as well as
contributing as a producer for KALEIDO, an artist from Brazil.
In September of the same year, they released their first full album [Disk
Odyssey] which becomes a long-seller and made a remarkable number 1 in the
i- tunes club chart.
In 2007, they performed in V.A.[Tokyo House Lovers] with other artists such
as M-flo, Daishi Dance,Monday Michiru,Paris Match,and Soul Source
Production, and[LOVEBEAT DISNEY] which is a cover album of the Walt Disney's
film with Cubismo Grafico, Takeshi Nakatsuka, and Claziquai Project.
They also worked on other albums such as Ryohei's cover album [Cavaca],
KALEIDO's new album and [Sister Bossa8](IRMA).
In August 22 2007 ,They will be releasing their 2nd full album [JEWEL] .

クラブシーンを軸に国内外問わず活動し、絶大な評価を得てきた4人のアーティスト達がcargoを結成。2004年の活動開始を皮きりに1st mini album 「the scene」をリリース。そのカッティングエッジな感覚が絶賛され、HMV、Towerレコードなどのチャートを賑わし話題になる。 House,Crossover, Drum & Bassなどジャンルの垣根を軽く飛び越え、"good music"をキーワードに活動する次世代ユニットcargo。 05年には2nd mini album「Super Freak」をリリース。その後IRMA[ITA]を代表するV.A.「sister bossa6」に参加。 06年にはKing「The Cover job」、IRMA「Sister Bossa7」、aperitivo「aperitivoTOKYO」などのコンピレーションに収録された他、ブラジルのアーティストKALEIDOのアルバムで数曲プロデュース。 さらには9月発売の初のフルアルバム「Disc Odyssey」もi-tunesクラブチャート1位を記録。ロングセラーとなる。07年にはM-flo、Daishi Dance、Monday満ちる、Paris Match、Soul SourceProductionらと参加したV.A.「Tokyo House Lovers」や、Cubismo Grafico、中塚武、Claziquai Projectらと参加したDISNEY楽曲のカバーアルバム「LOVEBEAT DISNEY」が好評を博し、Ryoheiのカバー album「Cavaca」、KALEIDOのニューアルバム、IRMA「Sister Bossa8」にも参加。そしてついに8月22日待望の2nd Album「JEWEL」をリリース予定。