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Published on Jan 23, 2010

This video shows how the police have no concept of your rights or your civil rights under the constitution.This is an excellent example of how to invoke your rights when confronted by the police. Rights that you do not use or are unaware of, do not exist. Protecting your rights is never the job of the police, only you can claim what is yours. This cop has no concept of the 1st, 2nd or 4th amendments. Notice how the intended victim invokes his rights not to identify himself and to carry a gun, which stymies the cop sending him back to his car with his tail between his legs.

The people in this video are exercising their rights to Freedom of, expression, religion (This was an abortion clinic), to peaceably assemble, to bear arms, to be secure in their persons, papers, and effects. And the right not to be deprived of their life, liberty, or property, and the right to stand up to tyranny. You also have the right to observe the government, its employees and agents. There is no enforceable law against videoing the police and your interactions with them.

There is nothing more American than what you see in this video. I wish I had been there. Folks, we live in dangerous times, a government that does not trust its citizens to bear arms, is a government not to be trusted by its citizens.

The right to keep and bear arms should be of great importance to all Americans , if we are to remain a free country we MUST NOT let this right be taken from us

Please keep your comments limited to the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. I, The Dancerooster, am not in the video, so don't waste you time attacking me.

Remember, freedom isn't free, and no cop is going to protect it for you, that's your job, so flex your rights.

The department of justice has announced that people have the right under the constitution to video police in the performance of their duties. Any officer that arrests a citizen for taping will be charged with false arrest & violating the 1st, 4th, & 14th amendments. Any officer that confiscates a phone or camera will be charged with theft, and video erasure carries the additional charge of obstruction of Justice & destroying evidence. And cops are no longer immune to personal law suites filed by victims. Sharp v. Baltimore Police Department.

12 states are now dropping their concealed weapons permit requirements.
Four states — Alaska, Arizona, Vermont and Wyoming — already allow residents to carry without a permit. "Our viewpoint is, a good person will always be a good person." "They don't need a license to be a good person." States dropping their requirement to have a concealed weapons permit include, Colorado, Iowa, Georgia, Kentucky, Maine, New Hampshire, Ohio, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota and Virgina.

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Antony D'Andrea
"Am I being detained". He is walking away from you and ignoring you, why do you keep repeating the question you dodo.
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Im sick of people giving cops a hard time because they read acouple paragraphs in a law book. You have a gun. give the cop a break. STOP making there job harder than it already is. Show him your papers and shut the fuck up.
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Do these arsehole cops not know the law or do they just not think that they have to allow citizen their rights?  Either way it is BS
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I never get why people perpetuate the encounter or hang around. If he is not arresting or detaining you then just end the encounter and walk away.
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D.E. Neal
This stupid PIG saw a man exercising his right to open carry and the PIG simply shit his pants. He started oinking and snorting, "What's your name, where's your ID, how old are you, how long is your penis?" Then he just walked away without getting any of that information. So OBVIOUSLY it is not required to provide any of that to a dumb PIG who snorts at you.
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TY Manza
you UN-LAWFUL cops will get whats coming to them soon.... mark my words.
First...approaching a cop with a firearm.. and wondering why they just might be on edge? Second, what reason did this guy have to approach this officer? Third, why do police constantly ask for an ID if they do not claim to be arresting? Probable cause?
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J Frawley
Being a cop is nothing to brag about. The American Nazi regime needs to be overthrown.
Chris Manning
Shit I would have been more worried about how the cop put his hand down on his pistol when he first talked to you about your side arm.
Tim Macaulay
Interesting.  I would like to know what state has no permit required to hold a hand gun.  Every state that i know of requires somebody to have a permit and to carry the gun i believe you have to go through the class.  The cop asked for the Permit and the guy should have supplied his permit.  This is not how you invoke your rights with the police.  This is ignorance and why this country has so many problems. 
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