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Uploaded on Nov 27, 2008

Peter Connelly blue ribbon campaign
Please take part, it is not for donations

Many people are outraged after hearing what happened to this tiny defenceless baby. Some people may vent their anger by leaving a message on the various websites, just as I did originally. Some people may just discuss it with friends, and family, but I believe that many of us would dearly love to do more.

We all know that Peter was failed by the system, a system that needs to change, but until it does change what can we do? If we break the law it would not STAMP OUT CHILD ABUSE. It goes on behind closed doors.
Sadly Peter was one of many Children that die, or are abused every single day of their lives. Peters pain and suffering is over now, but how can we let him die in vain?

We know that there are lots of children like Peter all over the world, that are suffering at the hands of MONSTERS.
How can we show the world that we are AGAINST CHILD ABUSE?

Should we just do nothing,apart from hope that the law will eventually change? We can send petitions to the government, does it change anything?

So I ask myself what can we do as a nation? Not just Britain where Peter was from, because sadly we all know child abuse is worldwide.
How can we as a nation show that we are against monsters abusing, these poor defenceless young children?

How do we know who these monsters are? They are not brave enough to wear a badge saying I AM A CHILD ABUSER. Instead they use dirty tricks like smearing chocolate on babies faces to hide bruises. Can we ever look at another child with chocolate on his, or her face, without wondering if it is there to cover up bruises?

How can we let these monsters know that we as a NATION, are against child abuse, whether its our neighbours, or one of the parents of an abused child that goes to the same school as your child?

We as a nation have the yellow ribbon tied around the tree, which is placed there with hope, that our loved ones come back safely from the war. We also have the pink ribbon, which is the fight against breast cancer.
Then we have the poppy which again is worldwide, for all the loved ones lost at war.

Please join Baby Peters BLUE RIBBON CAMPAIGN.
No it is not a charity I am not asking for donations.
I am asking you to buy some blue ribbon, and display it outside your house. It doesnt matter if its on a tree, it can be on your door, porch, fence, balcony, or window. Just so long as it is visible to everyone that passes by. I would love to see millions of homes worldwide proud to display Peters blue ribbon.
Millions of people not afraid to show the world that they are against child abuse. Lots of people buy the tiny little ribbons like the pink one, which ends up in a drawer at home, and is forgotten about. That is not what our suffering children need, the blue ribbon campaign is asking you to be proud of Peters blue ribbon, and leave it on display permanently, in a prominent place for the whole world to see. Maybe if you see a whole street full of blue ribbons, you might like to take pictures, and put them on the internet, so that we all know Peters memorial is growing.
I would also ask that you display Peters blue ribbon on your car bumper,
Who knows how many times you pick your child up from school, and end up looking into the eyes of a child abuser without knowing it? If they see your blue ribbon maybe they will stop and think twice, before inflicting pain on that child? once the world knows what the blue ribbon stands for, who knows how many children could be saved. Maybe one of those older abused children will come forward, once they find out what your blue ribbon stands for, KNOWING YOU CARE, these poor children might also realise that child abuse is not normal, and that they have friends, and that they are not alone in this world.

Peters sad story is worldwide now because of the internet, please ask your friends and family to join Peters blue ribbon campaign. It just might be the blue ribbon proudly displayed on YOUR house or car, that can help at least one child from being abused.

Blue was chosen, because Peters eyes were a beautiful shade of blue.
Please dont let Peters memory die.

Peters first blue ribbon will be displayed in Canada on Sunday 11/10/2009. Please dont let it stand alone, Peter was alone in our world frightened and neglected. If these monsters see street upon street lined proudly with Peters blue ribbon, will they think twice?
All we can do is live with that hope, and be proud to show that we as a nation are against CHILD ABUSE.
Please dont let Peter die in vain.

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