The Moment: CERN Scientist Announces Higgs Boson 'God Particle' Discovery





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Published on Jul 4, 2012

Scientists at the CERN research centre in Switzerland welcome the news that a new subatomic particle could be the Higgs boson, the basic building block of the universe. Spokesman for one of the two teams hunting for the Higgs particle, Joe Incandela, makes the announcement. Footage courtesy of Reuters.

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Doug Bailey
FYI the elderly gentleman in the crowd who was emotional was Peter Higgs, the physicist who predicted the existence of the particle in the 1960s.
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Avery McChessney
Just think, we all lived to see the Higgs Field to be real AND Gravitational Waves. All within only 4 years!
Sai Krishna Deep
Just think, these were 3 page theoretical predication which scrape the edge of the vast theories theorists had built back in 1940s and 1960s which are being discovered now in 2012. WHEN are the current theories going to be proved? 3012? So sad.. we are going too slow.
Anton Zuykov
Title says : "Boson 'God Particle'" please, stop using that "god particle", okay? It is HIGGS boson....not a God particle or angle particle or any other non-existant crap.
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Stuff and things and things and stuff
I doubt its relevant any more but it was actually referred to as the 'Goddamned particle' because researchers found it so elusive. Because the media (with some reason) wanted to keep science rated G, they dropped the 'damned' part and publicized it as the God particle. And then everyone came out of the woodworks all upset that science is being overrun by religion...
Metal Swede
Therefore, it should be named after the person with a scientific theory showed that it existed, and not to appease a religious group who will never give up hope of a spiritual being created all this.
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You did it Pete! You're a part of history. And you lived to see it happen. Good for you mate.
My favourite moment of the year was watching Peter Higgs cry.
Terrance Hobbs
give me a break ..drop a human to the atomic level and then tell me what particle is what !!!!
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Loving King
explain to me with your own words that Higgs Boson exists, go ahead if you're really understood anything.
+Patrick Maycroft Hey Ricki Bobbi... You are a smart one.
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AltNRG Account
When the higgs bosen discovery was announced there was a deep silence in the room at CERN. I got the impression at the time that a group of people were trying to force a narrative on the scientific audience and I still wonder if they have found concrete evidence of anything at all.
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Paul Renfrew
Riad Arhoun , Start by going back to school and study maths , physics and chemistry , pass all your exams and the apply to a university . That's the way most people do it . Good luck .
Riad Arhoun
Paul Renfrew can you provide me some links to those public domains pls? i would like to read this stuff. i want to give it a try to understand this shit. Big respect to these Brainiacs!!
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john stokes
this is gobbledegook. a few squiggles on a page product by the worlds most expensive scientific project. anyone who swallows this would swallow shite. show us some real results or keep it to yourselves dudes. you have not justified your wages. your pathetic little tears are in vain. everytime they predict a new particle they find it. why? because they need to be right. how? the observer fucking effect. even if you believe their stupid narrative. so what? what the fuck? it proves that its all built out of a building block? its not. its already clear that is all energy...quantum physicists found that out a long time ago, didnt they tell these guys?
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andre fruth
wow... you've now been dissed by a person named videogameguitarist.... how much does that mean to you please tell me.
You're an idiot, those few squiggles are only squiggles to the ignorant. It's not our fault you're too dumb or uneducated to understand what those "squiggles" mean. Moron.
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andre fruth
if they really believe in the santa claus particle they'll find that too... utter rubbish.
clarence Castile
Only Satan lovers felt this joy...
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