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Published on Jun 29, 2010

Politics aside, if you don't feel anything watching this man cry, you should probably check your pulse. It's unimaginable what these guys go through. Hat's off to Sgt Louis Loftus. Nothing but respect.

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Does anyone else think this is kinda fucked up? "Hey how do you feel about your friend that just died?" Guy says he tries not to think about it. Starts thinking about it. Breaks down. Cameras love it. War is so rough. Physically and mentally.
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Onlyrealmusic4life why the fuck do they ask a soldier that, he is already going through enough. is that the only damn question they could think of
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All Aspects
Crying about the loss of a friend is setting a good example. Pretending it doesn't hurt only hurts you worse in the long wrong.
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Manufactured Mind
Warfare has gone on forever but if you read history it is the powerful expanding their empires using the ordinary people to fight.
Michael O'Briain
+Roland M. Dill Go fuck yourself.
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Sigert Ariens
Even though you do not approve of the wars, you should still show respect for the people who fought in them. On both sides. These soldiers go through hell and worse to fight the wars they fight. You shouldn't be angry at them, but at the politicians for creating the whole scenario.
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I'm sure the libtard population here in the U.S.A threw him a nice flag burning protest when he got back from fighting for them. At least the VA filled with affirmative action hired idiots will take care of him. Wake up Americans! Our heroes are being forgotten.
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Why do Americans always say if it wasn't for our troops we wouldn't have free speech etc..? If you criticize the war the response is " Hey jackass if it wasn't for him you wouldn't be able to talk the shit you do" What nonsense don't you realize how stupid that sounds.
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Europe is tha best 
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Hunter Hutton
You guys in the comments sound like assholes. "Why do we send soldiers to foreign lands to kill people?" Saying shit like "Fuck the soldiers" or calling them "Dirty scum". The government sends them out. No questions. It's not a soldiers job to question the huger power. It's the soldiers job to follow through with what tasks he or she has been given. Coming back alive or dead. These soldiers are sent out there on the front lines and experience shit you couldn't imagine, and you call them shit like "Mindless robots"? They're not mindless robots. They follow commands because that's what they were trained to do. If you women don't like how our military keeps us free, move to Iraq or ANYWHERE in the Middle East and you be forced to wear a head-dress and cover up your face and have NO FREEDOM OF SPEECH WHAT SO EVER. You are all not understanding what these people are doing for us. Granted, the US is fucked up in many ways but our military isn't one of them. 
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Kama M Muhammad
As parents of those who fell, you can come to terms knowing that your son fought in a war to defend your country. While this is true for Iraqi's and Afghanis, it is not for the Americans. Knowing that your son die because of a conspiracy and deception of the Rich and Powerful, sets an ache in the heart that nothing can take away the pain.
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Manufactured Mind
Kama - it is sad but true. We are very manipulated in the US. In the US war-profiteers decide our policies. Our weapons companies are the biggest war profiteers in the world. The US manufactured and sold chemical agents to Iraq in the 80s only to send our soldiers over there in the early 90s to get poisoned by the same weapons. One solider in the first Gulf War recalled getting shot at by Iraqis and picking up one of the shells from their bullets later - it read Made in St. Louis, USA on it. It is beyond depressing that our young people sign up for this hypocrisy without fully educating themselves. We need to protect our children from the lunatic war mongers-- in your country and mine.
Artem T-rex arms Lobov
Kama M Muhammad defend your country? More like terrorise innocent middle eastern people and bring murica some of that good old oil they like so much.
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mo jojo
You invade their country and expect them to sit quietly and do nothing. Stupid philosophy
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Killswitch Annihilator
+Rogerrramjet1 you think I'm a Christian? Haha, what a joke? They're pathetic too. Mohammed and Jesus were awful 
Killswitch Annihilator your men written book called bible is?
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God bless our troops
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Margaret Mead
+borgri I had a n.d.e. and it was Jesus who came to me after my spirit left my body. A wonderful experience. I now KNOW that Jesus is alive and will escort us to our amazing destination.
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Sparta Constantine
I feel for the people fighting foreign invaders- I feel nothing for the invaders-
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Abdullah Saad
typical stupid muriacan
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