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Published on Sep 6, 2009

I thought, I did authored the Code of YouTube far before it is officially published by YouTube (watch my video YouTube code of conduct for Muslims and others of course). In another word I am keen to respect the law and to stay within the permissible lines of video playwright. I also fought rant and hate on YouTube, as it is noticed by many witnesses. I use a professionally prepared templates to stop Vlogless spammers. I pioneered St. Sheetrock's Offensive Comedy by carefully choosing politically correct words with no intention whatsoever; neither to offend third parties nor to hijack their intellectual rights.
I respect the third parties right to v-respond or flag my videos if seen inappropriate.
St. Sheetrock's Offensive Comedy videos are very highly researched videos displayed in High End Graphics and HD Cinematography.
Its a value added video.
St. Sheetrock's Offensive Comedy videos uploaded as a timely precedent to a News Headline. Its not neither NEWS nor STORY. In another word it cannot be re-uploaded once it is pull down by YouTube. Its a perishable premise.
The bottom-line: I would like my videos to stay where they are and not be removed by moody-blues.
I am not an anonymous person, my coordinate is public information overleaf, and any third party is not pleased with what I am saying he/she has the right to contact me directly not through YouTube.
I would love YouTube pass this message to whoever may concerned.
Thanks for making obaidkarki star
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יברך אותך השם תּוֹדָה רַבָּה עביד כארכי
الأخطل عبيد كركي
Obaid Karki Outkast hepcat, incendiary wordsmith, hexalingual Die hart Paulite Libertarian of rude wit. Serving synaptic pleasure for your leisure. You want the truth? take it easy, but take it. Take the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so Hep me God.
توسلت كل عمريّ عبثارذيل قومي وكريمهم رد بضاعتي لسد ديني لو وصفتهم بالكذب جاش غرورهم وان نعتهم بالشرف زاد خبثهم قوم اتخذوا النسيء دينا عن دين الله سفاهة فهل الذي خلق العاص والسامري والعباس ويزيد خلقهم فوالله لوكان محمد بيننا لهدر دمهم ودم بنينهم وبناتهم وامهاتهم واباءهم وقشومهم و امر جبريل أن يطبق الاخشبين علي مدائنهم فتذكرت قول كعبا: ارجع عبيد إلى معزك تيسا ذا حيد كدأب آل فرعون ذلهم درهم ولمهم حذاء
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