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Published on May 16, 2011

Was there a frontal shot? What was the view from the Grassy knoll? That and more in part 7.

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Patrick Tilton
Read David Lifton's book, BEST EVIDENCE. You start NOT with the Zapruder film, but with the eyewitness testimonies of experts in gunfire-inflicted trauma, the 26 doctors and nurses at Parkland who saw 1) a frontal entry wound in the throat, 2) a frontal entry wound just behind his right temple, and 3) an exit wound at the right occipital-parietal area of the skull about the size of an egg or a baseball. Lifton provides persuasive evidence that JFK's corpse was removed from the Dallas casket at some point, surgically altered (butchered, really) in order to turn frontal entry wounds into fake-exit wounds and to introduce at least one fake entry wound on JFK's upper back (a "wound" that later inched upwards to the back of his neck, once it was discovered that the tracheotomy incision had been done over a pre-existing bullet wound of ENTRY that -- due to the needs of the plotters -- now had to be refigured as a (fake) EXIT wound... leading to the ludicrous Magic Bullet Theory). Check out Lifton's YouTube video-presentation regarding the tampering that had been done to the Zapruder film, tampering that the CIA was in a position to do, since they had sole access to it prior to Mr. Zapruder having his 'original' film returned to him. The plot would have worked perfectly if not for the fact that the plotters could not prevent the Parkland trauma team from witnessing the TRUE state of JFK's wounds. They COULD, however, doctor the filmed footage of the assassination, since they (i.e. the CIA) could gain access to the Z-film and to any other films taken at Dealey Plaza, as indeed they did confiscate as much photographic evidence as they could. Witness how Jean Hill's photos were taken from her and never returned. If the I-Phone had been invented prior to 11-23-1963, the evidence-tampering could never have worked: too many people would have been FILMING the assassination with their camera-phones and immediately uploading those files to Facebook accounts (etc). There wouldn't have been an instance of a young Dan Rather having virtually sole access to a private showing of the Z-film and lying about how the fatal head shot flings JFK violently FORWARD. The Z-film wasn't shown to the American people until the mid-70's (except for the few who were at the Clay Shaw trial); imagine if all of America -- indeed, the world -- had been able to see the Zapruder film on 11-24-1963! Even with it being tampered with, they couldn't remove the "back-and-to-the-left" movement of JFK as a result of the fatal shot... and it is THAT that started Lifton on his quest, his inability to reconcile that movement with the laws of physics. BEST EVIDENCE is still the best book on the JFK murder, in my opinion. If not for Lifton, would anybody know about the Sibert/O'Neil FBI report concerning "surgery to the ... top of the head" of JFK? the zippered body-bag? the cheap shipping casket? the "hearse-chase" at Bethesda involving a "decoy ambulance"? the fact that autopsy X-rays had been taken before the arrival of the Dallas casket/Bobby/Jackie at Bethesda? Only Lifton's body-alteration-theory makes sense of these hitherto unknown facts.  Too many people placed too much trust in the "findings" of the Bethesda autopsy and in the (doctored) Zapruder film. I trust that the doctors and nurses at Parkland were not incompetent, were not incapable of recognizing bullet entry- and exit-wounds for what they are. For goodness' sake, they work in Dallas, Texas! If any group of medical professionals knows gunshot wounds, it would be one working in Dallas!
The more people reveal one by one their dark secrets about those days, even after 50y, the more i'm convinced now that LHO WAS part of the conspircay, but that he did not shoot any rifle hilmself. He was set up as the patsy. All leads go clearly to LBJ with behind him Texas Oil, some CIA, Hoover and the Ind Mil complex. Remember: whenn the first shot rang, everyone froze, nobody reacted in the motorcade, except one person who was already on the floor of the limo: LBJ, long before even his body guard could react...! I believe Estes, Hunt and LBJ's mistress about LBJ's involvement. He was a criminal and Walace was his hitman. Especially his statement on the nigfht before: 'Those Kennedy's won't bother me anymore after tomorrow...'
William Pucci
You are correct about the Limo buy Sherry Fiester's book  "Enemy of the truth"
Ronnie Bishop
What you need to do is realize as I do that film has been doctored. The doctors that saw Kennedy said there was a hole in the back of his head 5 inches. There was no reason for them to lie. Dr. Elvada Glanges saw a bullet hole in the windshield. She shot guns daily.
jerem chapman
take into consideration that if it was a conspiracy then all accounts and evidence would of been altered so that your math supports the lone gunman theory or are you 100% certain its all legit?, also i find it hard to believe that all the witness at the scene that heard a shot from the grassy knoll and the staff at the hospital saw the damage to the back of the head are ALL wrong!?, also the odds of all those witnesses that mysteriously died is in the trillions to 1, and then his brother also is targeted, try look at the big picture and why is so much stuff being locked away till 2029? anyways im not gona be a jerk and slag you off because im an adult and respect your thoughts and research.. interesting video kenneth i tip my hat to your theory - respect to ya :)
zfilm isn't accurate
the position of jfks head a z312 is different to the position of jfks head in the drawing at 3.30 , the head in the drawing is leaning too far forward . at 2.50 or so in the video the narrator states that there is no evidence of any wounding to the back of the head , well firstly if a bullet entered the back of the head that then means there is a wound there thats not visible in the film . but the frames he shows are at distance when close up frames exist , for example http://tinypic.com/?ref=f1xwuf
John Dahlgren
Look into George H. W. Bush the CIA and the murder of JFK Dr. James Fetzer Bill Cooper RIP Roger Stone Jesse Ventura Oliver Stone the list goes on and on take a look at Mr. Greer watch how the film was Dr.ed  Watch William Greer watch William Greer watch the limo almost come to a stop When Clint Hill jumped off the car behind to get Jackie back in her seat he was only a couple of steps behind the Presidential Limo,  the Limo had almost stopped watch William Greer...
John Dahlgren
Wow, I did not know people could still be so fooled...
I believe there were shots fired from the 6th floor. They weren't fired by LHO, but by Mac Wallace (LBJ's hitman).  The only finger print found on the 6th floor besides those of  LHO, book depository employees or cops was Malcom Wallace's print.  
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