SC2 Halby #604: TvZ Build Demo 11-11 rax co-cast nebbish/halby





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Published on Jul 22, 2012

So, the reason it's been 300 years since there have been any TvZ vids on my page, is that we (nick and I) have been doing the 11-11 rax.
IM.MVP uses this cheese all the time, and in the past we had tried it, but never liked it, because it cripples the terran economicall.
The latest patch, however, swung TvZ from a completely balanced and exciting match up, to an un-winable suck-fest for terrans... we spent a long time trying various adaptations to try to adjust to the new order, but finally we decided to re-visit some old cheeses.

We took this 11-11 rax to the custom playgorund, nick did it 10-12 times in a row vs me, where i knew it was coming, and i treid to stop it... we found 2 good ways to stop it (pool first, or building spines in your main and sacrificing the natural), every single other thing we tried was a recipe for an instant loss. So we took it to the ladder... we started looking into the build on 6-13, but didn't really start exclusivly using it on the ladder until 7-6 ... it is now 7-23, and in that 17 day period, nick is 13-1 and I am 3-0 with this build... NOTE: we both lost a bunch of times before 7-6, while we were learning the build... but in the past 17 days we are basically undefeated.

Some notes...
#1) I have only done it 3 times and i'm already kindof bored of it, but nick is of the mindset "I will do it until my MMR gets so high from winning with it, that better players will show me how to stop it" honestly I don't think that's gonna work out, best players in the world still aren't gonna stop it a high % of the time, because it happens to them so rarely that they dont have a plan in place... maybe if EVERYONE does it, then a metagame shift (every zerg opening pool first, or opening with a drone scout and canceling the natural if they spot an scv pull of more than 3 scvs) will correct it... but 1 guy out there playing an avg of 1 TvZ per day, is not going to bump up against a ceiling where suddenly his stops working :P We just dont play often enough for people to adapt to our nonsense.

IMHO cheese is totally legitimate, and it's very beneficial and sexitudinous to practice good cheese builds a lot... but to me, once i've figured out all the ins and outs of a build and i'm convinced that theres nothing further I cna do to improve it, especially if the build leads to super short 4-6 minute long games... i tend to get bored and want to try something else... I see this as more of a way of saying 'look, i am not going to play TvZ, sorry.' than an actual way to play. :) it's like thumbs-downing zerg. The problem is, if you win all of your TvZ's, your MMR is artificially inflated, and then suddenly your TvT's and TvP's will be much harder!

It's also worth noting, that we already basically 'thumbs down protoss' so now we're basically ONLY playing TvT :P very strange. The STMMM push is much more scoutable, and varied in how it plays out, i dont think i'll ever get bored of that push simply because of the variety involved... the 3rax nogas marine scv allin TvP is just as successful, yet I almost immediately got bored of that, too... some cheeses are best saved for a rainy day. :P

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