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Published on Jun 25, 2007

The end.

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Charge Shot
I swear this shit was way too heavy for a 12 year old to handle.
I was 6 back then, now 21 yrs old😢
Terrance M. Rice-Lewis
Charge Shot I'm 25 now, it's still too much lol
Still the greatest ending to any Sonic game... damn.
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Drew Jun
Youre right! Me the same way its time to make new sonic adventure 3 with the same voices on sonic adventure 1 and 2 characters. Because its amazing good story and hopes new Sega console 4k something for new adventure to make life!. And of course chao garden was very smart idea to make level up and training for real chaos chao. Please sega save us. The fans waiting here years long for this! Make please new Sega console or dreamcast 2 for us and sonic adventure 3. We thank you for the best sonic adventure 1 and 2 games and never forget!.
+sonic2kk waits for hate
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Best Sonic Game ever? Not a chance Best story in a Sonic game, Hell yeah Best ending... GOOD LORD, YES
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poe zick
That was one hell of a summer. I love my dream cast
Joseph Franc
+dragoncrashhero12 I'd say overall, I personally love Adventure 2 the most. Well.......I think I put that game and CD at the top. CD was amazing. I always go back to that game.
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Nick7Michael _
This sonic game was one the only sonic game with a higher level of maturity, and about Shadow, he really died... The creators saw that the new fans didn't want Shadow to disappear so the creators created copies of him.
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poe zick
Wayne Ekeh that's not what he's saying. All he's saying is the creators original purpose with Shadow was a one time ride until fans showed a high appreciation of him. He def wasn't planned to be brought back originally.
Wayne Ekeh
+Michael Ortiz ik but it was retconned so its no longer canon
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"WE ALL DID IT TOGETHAR!" Goddamit Tails....
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aquareowashere2004 leoweo2004
just be glad that you don't play as amy in SA2 otherwise anyone is gonna hear. you know that song when you played as her in the first one
shockzz1234 it really ruined the whole thing
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"He was what he was: A brave and heroic hedgehog. He gave his life to save his planet. Shadow the Hedgehog." That would make a great writing on his tombstone.
poe zick
Robotnik sounded like he was going to lay down some heavy stuff but tails deflected it.
Joshua Hecht
Sonic Adventure 2 The Greatest Sonic Game Ever Made
Jalen Payton
Believe That!!
Joshua Hecht
Thanks for the 10 Years of Sonic
Y"know I'm gonna be honest. I don't like sa2 as much as everyone else and plot had problems but sa2 had a great beginning (sonic escaping and riding through the city) and a great ending. I love how he says sayonara to shadow AND this would have been a great ending IF sonic team didn't fuck up the plot. I think they could have brought back shadow but better and until a few games instead of slapping him into the next one. So much potential....little effort 
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+Joseph Franc All the Way!
Joseph Franc
+bradlie1 Maybe I just got older. Loving the pic btw. Yu Yu Hakusho all the way dude
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poe zick
Why did they bring Shadow back?!!! He went out like such a boss.
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I know. They brought him back way too soon. Sonic Heroes and other games following SA2 ruined a lot of things that SA2 set up. Like when Rouge said she'd give up treasure hunting for something "more important," then went immediately back into thievery in Heroes and her important thing completely dropped.. Character development was just thrown out the window.
poe zick
+SuperSonicWarrior93 they never reached shadow level f popularity. I had the dream cast version of this game and remember when he first dropped. He was really badass.
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