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Published on Jun 15, 2012


Million Dollar Career Tip #10

Hi, I'm Martial Arts Master Bill FitzPatrick and this is Million Dollar Career Tip #10

Now that we are at Million Dollar Career Tip #10 --

Let's start with a little reality check

I REALLY want to help the students that I can help

and I really do NOT want to waste any one else's time

My teaching is NOT intended for everyone

I am a Martial Arts Master

I push my students to be THEIR best

If you DON'T like this confrontational style,

you probably won't like me

Many AVERAGE people do not like my REPETITION of important points

For average students its always

"Give me NEW, New, New - More, More More"

MY martial arts students -- especially my advanced martial arts students - MY BLACK BELTS - know the importance of emphasizing


Doing front punches and front kicks

Hundreds of times

Tens of thousands of hundreds of times

This is why I repeat important points in these videos

These are your BASICS

You must understand these basic points

You MUST be guided by these basic points

You MUST think about these basic points until they are ingrained in your mind --

A habit -- who you are and how you think

90% of success in the MARTIAL ARTS or BUSINESS or LIFE is up here --

YOUR mind -- YOUR mindset -- how you think

And a lot of these BASICS are transferable from the martial arts TO business TO life

Yes, this is why a Martial Arts Master can teach business

Now, you know

As my student, you think

SELF- RELIANT -- no handouts -- YOU

YOU aren't looking for shortcuts

YOU aren't always looking for the EASY way to do everything

YES, your job my seem like SHOVELING SHIT and shoveling shit STINKS

BUT IF you have a focused plan

IF you have a path to follow

YOU are way ahead of AVERAGE people who are making little or NO progress and simply

Reliving the same boring DAY OVER and OVER again

Here is my student

At THEIR choosing,

their careers can be lifelong --

you love your work and NEVER want to retire --

that's GREAT


You have a shit shoveling job which you can't wait to quit

BUT you have a plan to retire YOUNG

From your job

1 You want a job to pay your bills
2 You want enough money to regularly spoil those you love
3 You want money for investment --

so that you can buy your 6 properties and make enough money to retire in 20 years or less


Get the highest paying job that you can find

Work your ass off -- get promotions -- get raises -- make more money

Commit to working 50 a week

Either 10 hours a day or working 6 days a week

To get to 50 hours

You may work overtime at your FIRST job

OR, you may be working a SECOND job

You work 40 hours to pay your bills and spoil those you love

You work 10 hours for investment

That is the BASIC plan for my students

If you think that working 50 hours a week for the first 20 years of your career is TOO high a price to pay for early retirement --

You POOR baby

you probably aren't going to be very interested in my advice

Remember if an AVERAGE person is ONLY willing to work 40 hours

and we know that the AVERAGE worker is only working half the time that he or she is at work

Here is the math --

they are REALLY ONLY working 20 hours a week

NOW, to my students -- this would be considered LAZY

As my student --

You WANT to work hard --

you are chomping at the bit to WORK HARD

Hard work is NOT a curse

HARD WORK is a blessing

If you had parents or teachers or bosses who made you work hard -- THANK THEM

You learn the benefits of hard work by WORKING HARD

As more than one of my students has expressed to me

How LAZY and STUPID do you have to be to NOT follow this advice?

I agree

Come on

Bust your ass for 20 years -- invest -- and then sail the ocean blue

If you are being helped by my videos, please give back -- all tax deductible donations are needed, welcomed and appreciated --

Thank you and get back to work

Million Dollar Career Tip #10



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