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Published on Apr 22, 2012

Presuppositional apologetics laid bare!

The core of the argument is, 'my proof that god exists is that I assume that god exists'. Yup, I believe we have reached the apex of lazy arguments for god.

Eric Hovind looks to be trying to make a name for himself with the 'great argument' for god. Now having seen Erics track record, I don't think I'm far from the mark when I say Eric, with his years of home-schooling from his daddy, the convicted tax-fraudster Kent Hovind, has be scouring the place for an argument so simply that he can make it, and he's found it in Presuppositional apologetics. Now, according to him, he doesn't need to know anything, all he needs to do is assume that god exists, and therefore god exists. He also needs to assume the bibles contents are true. Now of course to 'prove' something exists by assuming it exists is worthy of a wold class stupidity award. Eric is aware of this too, in that he wouldn't accept the presupposition that the ghost that never lies exists as proof for the ghost that never lies.

I also managed to dig up Ray Comforts original video about bananas prove the existence of god (the one which he subsequently claimed was a joke..... a bold faced lie if ever there was one). In this video he also claims that apples prove the existence of god! Funny stuff! :-)

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Comments • 4,984

Monkey eating banana upside down = evolution disproved... What the actual fuck.
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I Am A Paid Government Troll
You really get your knowledge and wisdom from this stupid video and fake christians.
Monica Hale
spideralexandre2099 millions of years ago an ape used a rock to open a coca nut . now the rock evolved into a cell phone that's believeable.
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sean faulkner
that banana gonk annoys me. what about a watermelon, why don't they fit in the human hand. watermelons, a creationists worst nightmare! retard
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frankos rooni
deceived by satin? Well it is such a lovely material
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Dogma Disputant™
Kids....if you want an education go to college. If you want to get lied to go to Church. Facts are for reality and faith is for fantasy.
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Weaponized Memes
Don't tell kids they need college to get an education. College is intended to prepare people to start careers and/or make a living. That's it; it's an investment. People who go to college for "an education" wind up with tens of thousands of dollars debt and no value in the market place, hence the college debt crisis. You can get an education anywhere, for low cost or free.
Rachel Magowan
Scottish that's like people getting a degree in philosophy. If you don't want to teach philosophy... don't major in philosophy
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I honestly think that the debate between Creationists and Athiests will never cease for one reason : Because for a religious person to realize that there is no god, they would have to come to terms with the realization that they have been believing this lie for the better part of their life. If somebody has gone the majority of their life believing absolutely in something to be true... it's no surprise they're going to reject the idea that they've been wrong all their lives. In their minds no God and no heaven = no reason to live. Which for the rest of us is totally absurd but in their minds is unthinkable. Moreover, reason I think this is unthinkable to Christians is because religion appeals to something that humans are NOTORIOUSLY bad at controlling... Emotions. Emotions are soooo fucking powerful. They are seriously powerful and require a level of discipline that most people (myself included) don't have.
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Albert Rogers
divinejessy A trifling correction. It's not molecules, it's atomic nuclei, in fact isotopes. They don't evolve, they decay . Carbon dating is too short for the age of the Earth, they use much longer lived isotopes in rocks. One funny thing is, that practically all the argon in the atmosphere is argon 40, the decay product of the radioactive potassium 40 in practically all living things, including you and me, and making us and the bananas we eat radioactive!
Albert Rogers
The really funny thing about the age of the Earth is that the brilliant Sir William Thomson, later elevated to Lord Kelvin, actually was an Elder in his local Kirk of the Church of Scotland, and he came up with an estimate of 40 million years, which leaves no excuse for the Christians who believe Archbishop Ussher's mere 6.000 years. Kelvin was blamelessly ignorant of the energy of radioactivity, which is why his estimate is too small by two orders of magnitude.
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The best part of the banana argument is that bananas were (and continuously are) selectively bred by humans. The current Cavendish banana isn't even the same variety they had 60 years ago. He might as well have said God gave us steel
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Mouse Nutz
TheHeavyMetalBrony I had one Christian tell me that god created the hand to fit perfectly in a glove. I thought he was doing a banana man parody but after talking with him awhile. I found out he was serious. lol
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I don't trust religious people anymore....every single one I have met turned out to be a lying hypocrite
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Gentlemen Z
I'm not religious by any stretch of the imagination but I do think there are some theists that are genuinely nice poeple. Sorry that you didn't meet them.
Juanf666 Highboson
MIDBC1 i came out to that conclusion when i was 8 years old.
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Chimpanzees open the Bananas on the correct end.
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Rodrigo Seoane
Monkeys can eat apples too, therefore we descend from monkeys!! Apples...the creationist's doom!
+ldchappell1 This just blew my mind. Monkeys >>
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Knowledge has always been the enemy of God.  It's where sin came from in the first place.  It also stands to reason that logic would be something God's adherents would shun.  Ignorance is bliss, and it's how you get to Heaven folks!
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monotheism all together is about Control, enslavement, authoritarianism, etc. Do not obey, Remember your pagan polytheistic "Heathen" roots, reject the Priest, Rabi, khatib etc Polytheism and No Religion = Freedom Monotheism = Authoritarianism
exactly, Christianity, islam, judaism all the abrahamic faiths are about Servitude, Slavery, being subservient, etc. not about thinking for yourself. Islam by its very definition means "Submission", Common christian comparisons that they love to make and even in their own "holy bible", is the Shepherd and Sheep. They view themselves as Sheep and their "Lord/God" as a Shepherd. that also, the name Lucifer means "Light Bringer", Lucifer is also commonly used as another name for Satan, someone who both Christians and Muslims view negatively and you would burn in hell with him if you dare not be submissive and gullible enough to accept their "Lord God/Allah/YahWeh/etc" Hell is not a place where "Bad people" go, its a place where people who weren't subservient, who didn't submit to enslavement, to the Christian, Judaism, Islamic religious criminal organizations.
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Guy Fawkes
Having been an Atheist for quite a while, and an "out" Atheist for a few years, I have come to the conclusion that we have a LONG way to go before we have a truly logical world. Religion, particularly the old "Fundamentalist" types, are at their heart a product of human ego. A huge percentage of the world's population simply cannot deal with the concept that we aren't "special". "The world HAD to be made for US! There MUST be a God who made us! Because we are obviously the most special and wonderful things in the entire universe! And my Mommy and Daddy said it was true, therefore it MUST be true! A nice man in a nice suit used to stand in front of me every Sunday and SAY it's true, so it must be TRUE!" I thought there was hope for mankind at one point, then I realized that there are still people who believe that the world is FLAT! We're fucked, folks. May as well laugh about it.
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we started devolve the moment civilisation kicked in and gave the birth of modern medicine. if we continue with this our genes will degrade. modern medicine allows week humans who would normally die in the old days live and give birth to offspring. if this trend continues it will contaminate the remaning healthy genepoool. I can only see three options for our human future, none of them seems very appeling for me. 1. stop being human and acend entire humanity to become various forms of artificial intelligences. 2. fix our defect with modern gene therapy and selektive gene inplimentation. (social problems will occur what should be morally acceptable? should parent be allowed to decide and modify their children? will this be accesable for everyone? who should have acces to this?) 3.. Become a cyborg and conpensate for the frail orgnaic human body by replacing it with cybernetic protesis and parts or using nanotechnology to do the samei n a more discreet form.
Jose Chavez
Guy Fawkes thanks for your reply you are .right.about.too .many people atheist. in the closet. im.out.and.i feel good about it enjoy your time and.thanks.for.your.time
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Will Hall
And then when you put the seeds of the apple in your mouth, you get cyanide poisoning and die with a mouthful of foam. How perfect and well designed does the world look now?
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Cherry pits contain a much higher concentration of cyanide
Marilyn Newman
Egyptian history is 7 thousand years old. So if they had millions then... Plus, they've found Egyptian hieroglyphs in the Sahara. Back when it was green. Then the climate changed & they moved to Egypt.
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