Harvest Moon: Animal Parade (Ending, Part 3 of 3) - Journey and Credits





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Uploaded on Feb 7, 2010

Ending Part 1: http://youtube.com/watch?v=lbU2izCLbEw
Ending Part 2: http://youtube.com/watch?v=rA3sa9pchZg


See Ushi no Tane for information on this series of events:


...I'd like it to be known, however, that I did not look up a single guide or walkthrough during my entire time playing through the plot. I was determined to accomplish at least my marriage and the main storyline utilizing only my knowledge (including prior knowledge from ToT), and I'm very proud of myself for doing it! Now I may finally indulge myself in the luxury of reading the knowledge of others online, and see how much easier I could have done things, heh-heh.


0:01 - are you sure? (last chance to back out)*
1:31 - final family dinner
1:51 - unable to sleep / motherly goodbye
4:19 - sendoff / crossing the rainbow
[ 7:08 - saving...IN ONLY ONE SLOT* ]
7:30 - end credits


9:22 - Look, it's Graham Markay! He was the nice man on the phone at Natsume who changed my life on May 31, 2007, when he originally gave me permission to post my Magical Melody cutscenes -- and, I assume, by similarity of intentions, these AP scenes, as well as everything else Harvest Moon-related that I post.

So, everybody say "Thank you, Mr. Markay!"
(...As if he's going to be reading this... xD In any case, I am genuinely thankful.)

In fact, why not take the time to admire ALL the amazing people who made this amazing game possible? I can't even imagine the work and dedication it takes, but it is SO worth it! =D


... *sigh* Oh boy. From the very beginning of this plot arc, I've been in deep denial. I couldn't get it through my head that my child was ACTUALLY going to leave. Despite the hints from EVERYONE saying "we all must eventually let go of our children," "we'll send him off with a smile," etc etc... I kept myself under the sincere delusion that he would go plant the seedling and come back right away and I could continue my game with him always at my side. I had no idea that this quest was the equivalent of a "New Game+".

In Tree of Tranquility, going through the whole Shining Rucksack stuff for the New Game+ was pretty voluntary! This, in AP, on the other hand, seems almost expected of you: it seems like an important part of the plot and it's for the good of the whole island (and another island).

Of course I want to save the island and stuff, but what if I don't want them to take my child!? What if I want to keep playing forever? I have a lot of personal goals left to accomplish! And of course I want my dear Taiko there beside me for it all! In the beach scene, when I had to choose between "You're all grown up now," "I love you," and "I'm so proud of you" - I wanted to say them all!! (Except maybe the first one, if not saying it would make it not true!)

*I thank the Harvest Goddess that I kept two separate save files of the same game. I saved the completed game in one slot (which, when attempted to be played, now triggers a new character selection screen, which will come with the benefits of a New Game+ when and if I choose to play it), and, on the second slot, I went back and told the King "NOT YET"! I'm not ready to have my child snatched away! And he let me go, telling me to come back when I am ready. ...I. Will. Never. Be. Ready. I'm going to avoid the King like the plague and never ever let my Taiko leave. o.o I think my excessive doting in the descriptions of every single video with him in it has made it clear how attached I am to him.

WARNING to all players who haven't yet made it this far: If you want to keep your first-born kid, stop associating with the plot after ringing the Bells! Consider yourself as having beaten the plot and then play forever through your daily normal happy HM life without any thoughts of saving Waffle Town! Akari and Takeru can do it themselves! *obsess obsess obsess*
Or, Option 2: do all the Nature's Bounty stuff just for the fun of doing it, and then, in the first scene shown here, tell the King "not yet" and then forget about the whole thing. But what I don't like, personally, about having done that, is the feeling of leaving something unfinished. Finn will now never say anything else besides "You mean we have to say goodbye? That's so sad!" It IS sad, but I know we'll NEVER say goodbye!

Of course, I hope I don't sound like I'm complaining about the game at all. I love the challenges offered by this quest, I love the connection to ToT (by the way, would this make AP its sequel? or prequel? what are your thoughts?), and I LOVE the characters (or I wouldn't be getting so absurdly emotional). If you're a Harvest Moon fan (or even if you're not) and haven't tried this title, I highly recommend it. ^^

Harvest Moon is a registered trademark of Natsume Inc. ©1997-2009 Natsume Inc. All Rights Reserved. Game Programs ©2004 Marvelous Interactive Inc.

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