Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom 1972 8mm Family Film! Time Code to ID Characters & Locations





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Uploaded on Sep 16, 2008

I updated this post with an exhaustive time code of my Grandpa's 8mm family vacation film clip circa early 1970's. Respect his copyright of the film. (I don't need to say that here, just youtube where it resides).

Please leave comments to identify, correct, fill in the blanks, or tell stories!
Note: marni1971 on wdwmagic.com is thinking "no later than late 1972/very early 1973"
0:00 The Monorail
0:06 Nice Magic Castle exterior
0:23 Main Street Ice cream cart
0:26 Main Street Parade with Disney characters (wendysue on wdwmagic.com says: "I remember the days of small crowds." : )
0:30 Mickey Mouse in a Tuxedo, Pluto, and Goofy
0:38 Main Street Band
0:43 Dumbo the Elephant
0:47 Snow White and the Seven Dwarves
0:51 One of the Cinderella Mice, and Chip 'n' Dale
0:58 Alice in Wonderland, and the White Rabbit
1:01 The Walrus and The Carpenter sequence in "Alice In Wonderland" (
dakotafrost wdwmagic.com pointed that out. I hadn't watched AIW in a long time)
1:03 Horn and drum band from the parade (I don't know if they have a name. See better view at 2:39 at the end of a stage show)
1:08 Yellow and Pink Cats (I don't know the name o)f
1:10 Bear (I don't know the name of)
1:14 Two characters I don't recognize
1:16 Pinocchio (and a character on the left I can't make out)
1:18 Fox (I recognize but don't know the name of)
1:21 Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf
1:25 Bambi the Skunk from Bambi (I did an Internet search),
1:28 Thumper (a very tall Thumper : )
1:29 Br'er Fox and Br'er Bear a.k.a. Brer Fox and Brer Bear
1:32 Captain Hook from Peter Pan
1:34 Tigger
1:36 Winnie the Pooh on a fire truck bringing up the rear
1:40 Revolutionary War Fife and Drum Band
1:48 Outdoor stage show (I don't know what the stage is called) with Bambi the Skunk, Thumper the Rabbit
2:00 Cinderella Mice
2:23 Minnie Mouse in a yellow dress!!! (fauna on wdwmagic.com's 1974 avatar pic has the same yellow dress : )
2:25 Mickey Mouse in a Tuxedo!!!
2:34 Mickey and Minnie skipping along is my youtube video thumbnail
2:39 The horn and drum band from the parade (as above at 1:03 I don't know if they have a name)
2:46 Alice in Wonderland's White Rabbit
2:47 Main Street Tigger
2:49 Winnie the Pooh with Red White and Blue striped hat
2:52 Cinderella Mice were popular : )
2:54 Grandma with Bambi the Skunk from Bambi
3:00 (The character I can't remember) and my Aunt and Grandma with orange WDW bags (I still have one)
3:01 Building's and street area (I don't recognize)
3:21 Old Fashioned car with vinyl bench seats in the back (name or model?)
3:30 An empty Crystal Palace retaurant (thanks to marni1971 on wdwmagic.com for identifying that for me) Aunt, Uncle, and Grandma with the orange WDW bags
3:57 Steel drums show
4:08 Palm trees! (not to many in Ohio except inside some places)
4:12 Chinese Pagoda (Does it have a specific name?) (a little taller that Cedar Point's. Not too many things are taller than things at CP : )
Is this the area where marni1971 comments: "The original end of Adventureland wall is still intact (first time I've seen that from the ground, thanks!) and the vegetation is still behind it, signifying Caribbean Plaza expansion hadn't reached Tropical Serenade yet. The path to PotC opened late 1973 and would have needed a good few months of clearing and work." I see the Pagaoda behind the trees on the right (?)
4:21 (Unidentified building)
4:26 Steel drums show again
4:32 Teepee's, Indians, and fake deer on a train ride POV(?)
4:46 Train (name of it?) Note: Cedar Point amusement park in Sandusky, OH has one from WDW I believe. This would most likely be wood burning. Cedar Point's are coal.
4:54 Monorail Station exterior (from which moving ride?)
5:00 Family with orange WDW bag again. I love those bags
5:05 Outdoor umbrella tables and pond (I'm not familiar with)
5:31 Magic Castle exterior
5:32 Balloon man (not sure where this is at in the park)
5:40 Swiss-style facade (name and location?)
5:42 Spanish-style facade (name and location?)
5:50 Palm tree trimmer(?) on ladder
5:58 Parking lot entrance(?) with glimpse of 1970's cars (can you name any models?)
6:02 Parking lot Tram POV going towards the exit
6:27 Exit to the parking lot (. It looks specifically like an exit not an entrance)
6:45 A good camera pan of more of the exit architecture. 1970's sun dress and hair-do!
7:13 DAYS INN motel (pause to see the 1970's sign (our family's choice of vacation motels in the 70's and 80's : )
7:14 1970's cars! Cool styling (not-so-great gas mileage)
The end :

Filmed with an 8mm Bell & Howell camera I still have stored away. I think it's something like a three lens a 333. If you want to know which specific model I can dig it up.

Film transferred by a retired detective with the proper equipment to MiniDV tapes in 2005.Transferred to an Apple G4 Mac via a Sony DCR-TRV30 MiniDV and a Firewire. Edited in Apple's iMovie.

Orlando, FL. Silent film. Enjoy!


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