Faded - Tyga Feat. Lil' Wayne // Lyrics On Screen [HD]





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Published on Jan 12, 2012


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Faded - Tyga Feat. Lil' Wayne // Lyrics On Screen [HD]
Faded - Tyga Feat. Lil' Wayne // Lyrics On Screen [HD]
Faded - Tyga Feat. Lil' Wayne // Lyrics On Screen [HD]
Faded - Tyga Feat. Lil' Wayne // Lyrics On Screen [HD]
Faded - Tyga Feat. Lil' Wayne // Lyrics On Screen [HD]

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The Suit Kings
When your mom hears this playing and she know you already getting lit.
Am i only 1 who thinks that Lil Wayne ruined the song?
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BeZerKBeasT 10
KMalinsky niggas is butt hurt cause of lil wayne that's what he does abra cadabra magic Johnson
Tagvon Jenkins
KMalinsky u drunk ass fuck
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rebecca berube
Watching this 2015 - <3 TYGA for ever
ayyy its_emmerz
rebecca berube 2017😉😝
At 0:07 the little voice in the background says "d-nice has signed on"... Not "Be nice to Satan". It sounds really retarded when i see people put "Be nice to Satan" LOL
Hamm m
ZOMBIE417 I thought it said be nice and settled down
alexandria krist
My nigga I'm faded like bruhhhh
K †
+Yasin Ali lol
Yasin Ali
+alexandria krist damn bb you fine! <3
Saiyan God
it says d-nice has signed out not be nice to Satan holy shit! 
Lynette Kohuk
is it just me or does anyone else hear, "be nice to Satan" in the beginning?
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William Taylor
Lynette Kohuk I hear it
CrisBrix Films
Lynette Kohuk I heard it too
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eric aragon
Be nice to Satan lol how long has thiz song been out n some of us niggah barely catch on it dam 
+Amaris Straiten wait he didn't say be nice to Satan because I've thought that for years
Amaris Straiten
The guy who made the beat is D Nyce. It said "D Nyce has signed it" not "be nice to satan".
Ludovic EpaVideo
Young Nino fuck a bitch in a peacoat Carlito Scarface Al pacino Bun B though,Pimp C, R.I.P though I goes deep in that pussy , Dan Marino She wanna be the one, fuck her to my own single Break a bitch hard no future Ms Cleo Snapback , au-au automatic reload Flyer than a fucking beatle you can't beat'em Vampire fuck up your evening I pop up and eat lunch leave you in the cement Don't believe it stripe like a fucking adidas The gun Selena give a nigga Bieber fever Real fucking hot put it in park take a shot higher than a tube sock You a bop, give me top top, as I load the guap Man these niggas say I'm God  I'm faded faded faded My nigga faded faded faded   Mama there go that monster Abracadadra, Magic Johnson My motherfucking doctor said I need a doctor So I called house now  I am a pill popper Faded like skinnys, Young we winning  I told her if I change, she won't get a penny Milking this shit pregnant bitch tities Bringing home the bacon I'm fuckin' Miss Piggy Loaded like a semi send me naked pictures She knows my dick she call it nigga Richard  Prior to me coming I had to stick my thumb in I asked one time, smell my finger make you vomit Flyer than a hornet, the shoe fit I worn it She tried to jack me off, can't beat it , join it Tunechi punechi, that what she call it Flag Scarlett I killed it, mourned it I m faded faded faded   My nigga faded faded faded x7
BeZerKBeasT 10
Ludovic EpaVideo you missed a whole verse
Lg Phone
real fucking hot put it in pot
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