1943 The Bombing of Hamburg - UNCENSORED German Film

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Publicado em 7 de out de 2007

Uncensored silent color footage of the fires and the aftermath of the saturation incendiary night bombing runs that destroyed Hamburg on 07-28-1943, causing the death of over 50.000 mostly unidentified civilians and more than a million homeless. Original montage.
Calling "fair use" for the soundtrack, added in 2007 by ROMANO-ARCHIVES, performed by Gregor Samsa.


To all the civilians of Hamburg, women, children and elderly men that did'nt see Christmas in 1943, killed by the Allied terror bombing campaign in WW2, this video is respectfully dedicated. R.I.P.

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V. Romano

This is a video from the ROMANO-ARCHIVES' new website-"Unknown World War 2 in Color"-"WW2 Europe" section.

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