How China's Pollution Became a National Emergency





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Published on Jun 6, 2012

Cancer Villages: The shocking extent of Chinese pollution

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The Chinese government claims it's making serious efforts to clean up pollution. But as this horrifying report shows, much of their 'success' has involved simply moving their toxic industries out of sight.

"It's risky, but we have no other choice: We only have this river," Wu Zhuliang tell us from his remote farm in South Western China. For Wu and his family their reliance on the river, which runs yellow with pollution, has had terrible consequences. They buried his son just over a month ago. He had been diagnosed with two types of cancer, Leukaemia and Thymoma, and had been in so much pain he said to his mother, "open the window and I'll jump out". The water from Wu's river was found to have levels of chromium, a known carcinogen, "200 times higher than the national standard". Ma Tianjie from Greenpeace tells us it's so toxic that, "simply touching the water, it could make your skin itchy. It's a very, very serious problem." All across rural China the same stories abound. The government is cleaning up the cities, but often the most toxic industries are simply moved to rural areas where regulations are lax. Chinese farmers are now four times more likely to die from liver cancer than the global average. "The government is trying to find a way to get rid of this huge pile of historically accumulated waste but they are struggling."

SBS Dateline - Ref. 5527

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Savi D
This is so heartbreaking and sad. China is full of good people who are exploited so heavily by the rich in their country.
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China is spending hundreds of BILLIONS each year on environmental protection and it is increasing every fucking year, soon it will be 800 fucking billions, they're the country that spends the most money on the environment in the world, all the issues are being tackled, for example how much money 800 billion is. The biggest and most advanced dam in the world, which is in China, cost 26 billions to build, that is only a small fraction! Billions on safer industries 79 billion so far on the south north water transfer. Billions on water systems, cleaning and purifying. Billions on desertification. And people are stupid enough to say China doesn't fucking care? They fucking live there too. Everybody is fucking aware in China, it's all over the news everyday. This is the fact media always seem to forget to mention for some fucking reason right? It's called propaganda people China faces a lot corruption because foreign companies often go under the radar, it is difficult to catch all of them in time especially before they started improving their laws and solutions on the matter.
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shit i am working in China now. In a city in Guangdong but still. Even in a big city, it is not much better than in these villages. and people are evil greedy, selfish bastards. There are good ones too, but a few and far in between.
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Crazily Awesome
Today's comments include: 75% of people blaming the Chinese people. 15% of people pity those in suffering 5% of people see how this will affect them.
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Kabuki Jo
This is what happens when you let Industry run free without any regulations. This was happening in America during the Industrial Revolution. But Public Outcry resulted in Environmental Laws being passed. The Chinese people must do the same. They need to storm the Factories & set them on fire.
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Jack Stone
I hope the chinese people revolt
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Solomon Cobb
Anyone who can watch these videos of what people in other countries go through because of their conformity to capitolism, and say that we have an immigration in the US, which is an entire country of immigrants, is a heartless, and evil person. The world needs a massive change in priority that needs to start with the youngest minds. Children need to see that money is nothing, and is just an illusion that has caused more suffering, devastation, war, and evil, than anything that was ever thought of or invented. Stop believing in monetary wealth, and start believing that God will provide your needs, and stop wanting what you do not need, and the world will return to it's natural state within a relatively short time. Keep coveting and this is what will happen everywhere.
John Doe
We contribute to their pain and suffering by consuming goods made there.  Simply put - supply and demand.  
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iceman man
this is so all their kids can come to North America and spend money like no tomorrow and drive Lamborghinis 
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swaggy p
china wont survive in the next 10 years, they are dying from in the inside
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