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Published on Jan 31, 2010

The final battle and best possible "Renegade" ending for Mass Effect 2. Also of note is the Cain nuke launcher used against the human reaper larva. Having all team members loyal and full Normandy upgrades, the result is that no one dies, the station is preserved, and Harbinger is pissed off because his collector puppets are dead and he now has to make his way back "on foot" with his reaper buddies from dark space. Full HD (h.264/aac) taken with Fraps and converted with Avidemux. Enjoy! NOTE: Check the paragon ending for a caption explanation of what's going on.

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The Illusive Man was far more interesting in ME2 than 3. A deuteragonist who is the only one willing to do what it takes to fight a genocidal threat? Give me that any day over an indoctrinated puppet/Saren redux. In spite of all the wicked stuff they did, Cerberus at the very least had conviction and resourcefulness. A better ME3 plot would be if TIM actually did find a plan to stop the Reapers, but that plan involved doing a lot of questionable things and Shep would have to choose his allegiance long before the final mission. Trust a haphazard alliance of galactic races to figure things out? Go for a more calculated solution but risk bringing an immoral overlord to power in the aftermath? Or screw them both and figure out your own path?
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mario petkof
We should bankrupt EA have someone competent buy the ME licence and redo ME3.
TheRedBaron Lives!
Reirainsong • why the hell couldn't you have been a me3 lead writer
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Simon Turner
Am I the only one who thinks there should have been a way to join Cerberus after this ending so that you would fight for them in ME3?
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So fight for the Reapers?
Aleksa Petrovic
Simon Turner yea. something like in witcher 1 and 2 where you choose betwean Flaming Rose/Blue Strips and Scoie'teal.
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You'd think that Cerberus wouldn't be as much of an enemy in ME3 after this ending... Then again, looking for logic in ME3 is like looking for a Reaper needle in a dark space haystack.
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King Derner Cousland
That would mean choices would matter,but It's ME3 and EAware we're talking about
OmegaCobra Laksrer
+plmokm33 did you know the council was going to be indoctrinated? if you look at the map in me1 it looks like soverighn
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skyler Scott
Any one else notice the color of the sun behind the illusive man changes if your renegade (red) or paragon (blue)
I had to give the base to cerberus because I wanted the red sun. It should have been the color of your renegade score and not the color of one decision.
Sivert Heide
skyler Scott yeah i've never played renegade so i've never seen it before. it's pretty awesome though and a nice attention to detail.
Paul Akama
TIM in ME2: "Don't let idealism blind you" TIM in ME3 - [became so idealistic about humanity that started to use Reapers' technologies "for the best of mankind"]
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Federico Machado
He was indoctrinated...
Lol TIM was indoctrinated in ME3.
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Honestly I really wanted to give the base to Cerberus but in ME3 they're the enemies for whatever reason. I mean, Harbinger was clearly set up as the main antagonist in Arrival, but instead we have the most pro-human people out there working to destroy the galaxy. Not to mention this choice is irrelevant anyway seeing as they already get the Reaper even though the corpse wasn't even a mile away from the source of the blast. It was fucking dumb.
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King Derner Cousland
Indoctrinated aka bad writing
+colebowlin68 They're your enemies because you want to destroy the Reapers but they want to control them. If anything I wish this ending made Cerberus a tougher opponent.
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fiona lerast
im so mad that I couldn't play on illusive man's side in me3.
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ugly bastard
he was right about controlling the reapers though. the whole indoctrination thing was needless since you could just as easily oppose him so as not to allow him to become a god
V-P Lassila
And TIM made the same mistake as Saren when he took those reaper-tech implants.
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A weird question but does anyone else think the shaved head Is the only decent haircut for Male Shepard In these games? 
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TheRedBaron Lives! Some people loves to play with some lesbian and others with a military edge lord, infinite universe=infinite posibilities.
Tony Orr agreed, the default male shepard is iconic.
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Preußischer Soldat
If I had a choice I would have sided with Cerberus in ME3
Harbinger's dialogue during the running scene is just the bow on top.
King Derner Cousland
Only to be dissapointed when in ME3 Harbinger doesn't even appear as villian
Its even better if you finish the arrival DLC after the suicide mission.
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