Garrys Mod TARDIS Interior map. bigger on the inside effect.





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Uploaded on Feb 14, 2012

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well, its been 700 hours. over 8 months, and here i am. when i first thought of taking on this map as a project, i had no idea what sort of an influence it would make on my life. it may sound like im being over drematic. and i guess i am. but for me it doesnt matter. this isnt just a map for me, its changed who i am in ways i could never have forseen. about 10 years ago i came across a TARDIS interior map for the Doom engine. it had a few rooms, the console room etc, but to me it wasnt enough. so what did i do? i learnt, by myself, how to map in an already ancient engine. i made the interior as big as i could, and just played it. for no reason. no mission, no monsters, just me in my TARDIS on Doom.
when i first came across PulpDoods TARDIS for portal, (which can be found in the related links section) i couldnt help but think, like i did almost 10 years ago, that wouldnt it be great, to have a TARDIS, that you could actually explore the interior of. with out the lack of infrastructure that was available on the Doom engine. i mean, we hear a lot about other rooms in the TARDIS, zero rooms, cloister rooms and even typical things like wardrobes and kitchens but, they can never been shown in such a depth in Doctor Who, as it would simply cost way too much to replicate even a tiny portion of the TARDIS interior to an acceptable scale. none the less, it plagued my mind for weeks and weeks, until, like i did years ago with the Doom version of the TARDIS interior, i snapped. at first, i had no idea how i was going to even think about doind what i wanted to do with it, so i did some research. made a basic square map in source SDK, and jumped right in the deep end.
the next day i asked pulpdood if i could decompile his map and use it as a base for what then was going to simply be a map "just for me".
he very kindly (and i cannot stress this enough) gave me permission to decompile his map, and use the textures and everything. all the hard work he had put in, he just handed to me and pretty much said "go for your life".
confused and bewildered at the detail and effort that had been put into the map (if/when you ever map, you will understand what i mean,) i tried for days just to create an extra room and slap it on somewhere.
well, that room turned into a hallway, and that hallway lead to another room. and etc etc.
8 months later, 700 hours, custom textures (and scavenged ones, thank you Sniper_9), custom sounds, custom props, and im done.
this is it. my final release. of course, there will be minor releases after this to fix various bugs, but this is it. no more rooms, no texture changes, no new consoles. this is my finished product.
i can only assume you think im babbling. and thats fine.
because i am. i am truely sad that this is finished. as if a pet had died. this is the end of an era in my life.
my first ever Source map.
A quick discription of the TARDIS, IT DOES NOT TRAVEL! yes. this is for Gmod. and to make any sort of travel to another world possible, i would need to entirely recode the portals for portal. and without the source code, thats impossible.
none the less, im working on TARDIS Source now. which will have travel. but thats at least 6 months away. the ENTIRE POINT of this map was to finally give the TARDIS its "dimensional trancendance" that its been quoted to have for many, many years.

A Thankyou to all those who have helped me get this done:

big thanks to Pulpdood for giving me all his hard work. his prided map, textures, models, brushwork and of course, the inspiration.

thank you to Sniper_9 for (even though i never asked) letting me use his textures from his TARDIS interior model.

thanks to my steam and vent friends, Jordan, Sam L, Sam M, Sarah and Scott for your ideas, and time spent helping me mass test this map.

i sound like im accepting an Emmie. but if all of you people out there knew how much this has influenced me, you wouldn't blame me for being a little... sentimental.

of course, the map can be downloaded from any one of these locations:



thank you all for being patient, and supporting me with likes and nice comments :)


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