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Published on Jun 10, 2011

Ending for the PS2 game "Neon Genesis Evangelion 2", wherein an Angel successfully breaches the Geofront and reaches Lilith. The utlimate outcome is that all human souls -- Angel and Lilin alike -- are brought together by Lilith (GNR), apparently given Angel form ("light and waves"), and made to "sleep" to await the day when Earth will be repopulated.

For completeness, I included gameplay footage of the Angel's Geofront invasion. The Angels usually have to stand there and blast the pyramid open (yes, it has hit points XD ), but if you're the only Eva left standing and you deactivate due to an empty battery or low synch, you'll automatically go to the ending.

Scenario-dependent scenes are awkwardly spliced in and noted with supertitles. (Note that my video capture device was being kooky when I nabbed the Kaworu and Asuka stuff.)

Pending subtitles, here's a lazy copypasta of my translation (not including the "battle mode" and Shinji/Asuka/Kaworu stuff):
Target is infiltrating Nerv H.Q. It'll be here any second!

All hands, evacuate headquarters!!

It's here! Uwahhhhhh!!!

At last, the Angel arrived before the white giant in Terminal Dogma

And then, it began...

The angel, its body transfigured into a milky-colored mist of light, became a bundle of light and pierced the white giant's mask.

Light that escaped from the mask, blood-like, showered (the Angel), and the Angel light-bundle was molded into a human shape.
The mask shattered into tiny fragments.

Light like a red sunset spreads all over.

That was when it ended.
Or, perhaps, that was when it began.
When everything would become one...

Let's go back...

Come home, everyone...
And find one another once again.

The Angel -- a light that took on human form -- and Rei are taken inside the giant's face, as if being received.
Having completely engulfed Rei and the light, the white giant pulls its hands off the cross to which it is nailed... starts to move.
Then, the giant's body changes into a sinuous female one — Rei's...

Welcome home.

This is inside the S² Engine, where the power that spins forever is born.
Where what had once been you intersects with others.

Look — this is what once had been you.
Life is passing through here to come into being.

All of the ones you called the Angels are also here. They are with you...

Many lights, waves, are passing by.
No — you yourself have become lights and waves.

Now, sleep...
And one day, this planet will again be wrapped with life.

Good night.


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