Diablo 3 - Barbarian Double Tornado build (Inferno)





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Published on Jun 2, 2012

UPDATE : Guides are out! To watch them all : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aJOLG9...

New build I found based around Sprint, Whirlwind and Battle Rage. Generate insane amounts of fury with good tanking and great damage. Update : Newest build http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator...
Here's the on that was used in the video http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator... (outdated)

Taking on a Vortex+Waller+Vampirism+Teleporter and a Plagued+Jailer+Desecrator+Fire Chains champion pack at the same time, wouldn't even have dreamed about that with my previous build. xD
Also, Butcher under 2 minutes despite my terrible weapon.

Basically, you can use Sprint while using Whirlwind. Sprint generate tornadoes that hit ennemies very fast, so it generate insane amout of fury thanks to the rune on Battle Rage. It allows to keep whirlwind rolling forever as long as there's at least 3 enemies together.

Having Life on Hit items heals you a lot too, since the tornadoes hit like 4 times a second, and whirlwind too, so you can tank really well. I have very low Life on Hit there and I still heal well.

PS : You need high Critical Hit Chance.

Edit : I actually only have 3760 Armor and 290-350 Resist, War Cry was still on at the end.

Answered a lot of questions here : http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topi... or here

Waiting for 1.0.3 to start making a real guide, in the meantime here's a few tips :

- Stats priority : LoH, Crit chance, Attack Speed, Resist all, Armor, Vitality, Crit Damage, Strength.
Though you can stop getting more crit chance once you are getting enough Fury.
You need at least 35% crit chance unbuffed (including 20% from passives).

- To get started, use War Cry - Battle Rage - Leap (landing on something, or it won't generate fury) - Sprint. Run around and spawn a few tornadoes, let your fury build up (should take a second vs packs). Use WotB if needed. Then you can start using WW.

- Bind a key to Move in the options, to avoid WW going off when you try to just move. Recommanded : spacebar.

- You should use Sprint again as soon as it's over, even if you are spinning (WW). Most of the fury come from it, you'll starve in a second if you stop spawning tornadoes. Make sure Battle Rage is always on too, or you'll stop gaining fury altogether.

- I'm using a Mace/Axe for the Crit Chance, but if you want to generate fury more easily (and do a bit less damage), use a Mighty Weapon. The +3fury/hit from Weapons Master work with Sprint, you'll get insane amount of fury.

- If you encounter hard hitting monsters or elites with good affixes, only stay in the middle when you have the Leap bonus (Iron Impact) on. Then kite for 5s with the tornadoes, and leap in again. The defense bonus is huge, you'll tank without problem.

- Regarding keeping Wrath of the Berserker up forever : The duration won't go up if you generate fury when already full. When you hit max fury, try spending as much as you can (recast Battle Rage, cast Sprint several times, use WW) if you can.

UPDATE : I removed Ignore Pain and put Leap - Iron Impact instead. The defensive boost is almost the same, but it's available way more often, and help with getting the initial fury needed, which was a bit hard originally.

UPDATE : I switched Whirlwind to the Hurricane rune, and it's WAY better.
Sprint actually does generate more tornadoes when you go faster. A lot more.
The healing (from LoH), fury generation and damage have all been increased a lot.

To see this in action in a full, uncut Act 3 farming run, watch http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0O-XaY... !


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