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Published on Jun 17, 2012

Episode 55 - Almost Quitting Yugioh

In this weeks episode of Yugioh Chat, I talk about a time that I almost gave up on Yugioh and quit the game. Luckily with my friends advise and help I decided to stay with the game. In the comment section below, leave me a response on if you have ever thought about quitting Yugioh, if so what made you decide to stay with the game?

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Neil Ganti
I remember playing yu gi oh when I was ten years old, back in the early 2000s. My time playing the game was initially due to everyone else playing, specifically because of the anime. However, upon learning the actual rules (not the anime's way), and playing, I really started liking it. The strategy, the methods you could use to throw at your opponent. What started out as a simple game that I wished to play with my friends, turned into something great, something amazing. Even after most of my elementary friends stopped playing, I continued playing in the local tournaments, varying between winning and losing, though more on the former. And finally, I had the honor to go to the Shonen Jump Championships (now called of course YCS). This was a very rough time during this tournament. Being the new kid on the block, I surely had a difficult time going through this phase of tournament. Needless to say, it was brutal, as I barely progressed. It was rough, but I held myself in high spirits. I also met a lot of good people, people who I am still friends with even today.  Alas, it was their guidance and my strive to never give up (like Jaden or Yu gi) that I decided to reenter YCS. This time I chose elemental HEROS.  Don't get me wrong; the YCS was difficult. However, given what I had learned and my experience. What was funny was that I was close to making top 32, but I was edged out. It sucked, but at least I had fun. I do apologize if I am sounding like I am tooting my horn.  Yu gi Oh was a game that grew up with me. What started as a simple children's card game (yes, I went there), turned into something that really had a profound effect on my life, even to this day. So the question remains: why had I quit? It was very much a combination of things. First, going from Middle School to High School, I just became really busy with school work, extracurricular; these activities really cut into my time to devote. Second, it was more along the lines of Yu gi OH 5D. At the time, I really hated 5D (I enjoy it now), but I really did not like Syncro Summonings. They seemed unbalanced at first, and sped up the meta so quickly. And it had just left a bad taste. So I quit. So how did I get back in? Well, I was browsing one day, when I saw the Blue Eyes Structure deck, released last year. I really enjoyed the deck list, as Blue eyes was one of my favorite monsters.  That said, I decided to play strictly casually.  This was mainly because I have lack of time, and quite honestly, I looked at the current meta, and I personally am not a fan of it. Finally, given I had gotten into Magic the Gathering, that is the one TCG I am going competitive with, I decided one was enough. All in all, I am glad you still do your work on this channel, as your viewpoints are very interesting. 
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That is so nice!
Rocky Rod
Every Monday my locals did tournaments. One Monday I was walking to school. As I was crossing the street I was hit by a Ford f150. Now because it was Monday I had my cards on me. I had a blue eyes deck. When I was hit my cards went flying out of my bookbag, and I lost them. I went back to look for them after I recovered, but they were gone.......
Erik Jonsson
i almost quit when (i was 10) my teatcher took all my 2000 cards that i had in a box because i looked at them in class. she said i world get them back at the end of the week. but she gave all my cards to her son. and i had alot of the good cards back then.
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j. Baker
My buddy quit playing yugioh because he thought it was all about luck. He thought there was no point in playing a game based on your opening hand. And he thought the current rules suck. But he said he would start up again when yugioh isn't about your opening hand.
I have quit or almost quit several times because of people stealing my cards even my own relatives steal them and now none of friends play there are no local places to play not a lot of money to get new cards I don't even get to play computers to crappy dual network and ipad don't support it
Senior Adrian
I quited years ago because mine were stolen too but also because KONAMI is ripping off everybody.
Well i am 14 right now and i quit playing Yu-gi-oh. I couldn't get the cards i needed and i couldn't pull any useful cards. When i started playing on DN i lost every duel and made me feel like i will lose every duel no matter what.Next year when i tried to play,i got better but when i joined a clan (DN thing) well i felt like everyone was better then me and i was out of my league so now on this day i never will play Yu-gi-oh again but i will keep watching your videos...
When i was around the age of 8, i got really tired of yugioh and just sitting at home playing with friends, so i sold almost all of my cards in a garage sale. I did however, keep the cards i really loved and that had some sentimental value to me. Then, when i was about 14, i was so bored one day i decided to dig in the garage for something to do, and i found my old cards. i got back into it over the period of a few months and now im buying packs, boxes, singles, and building decks.
i quit for like 4 years now but ive just recently got back into buying boxes..... loved the series just hated the immature people that played around where i live, so me i dont necessarily "play" it but i build decks and collect the cards just in case ;)
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