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Published on Jan 12, 2010

Hey Everybody. Its Carrie. Sorry about my friend. He likes to joke around a lot. Hope you comment. I would really appreciate your comments. Enjoy the episode.

Jick Episode 3
Joes POV
I had to get away. The door was opening and I couldnt let my feelings out now. But it was already too late. I was remembering again. I could see Frankie getting ripped to pieces by the wolves. I could hear his screams as he cried for me but I couldnt get to him. As I tried fighting the wolves the weaker I got, then Frankie went silent and I watched as they fed on my little brothers flesh.

Nicks POV
I dont know why I went after him but I did. I wasnt far behind him when I heard his roar of pain. I felt it deep down in my soul and it made me want to cry. Something told me I had to get to him and quickly. I didnt hear the sounds of my tribe and his coven behind me. I could only concentrate on his pain and how I needed to be there for him. I stepped out and moved forward cautiously as I saw him.

Joe: *trying to escape the memories*
Nick: Joe, Can you hear me?
Joe: *turns to Nick with unfocused eyes* Hes gone. Theythey killed him. *voice breaks*
Nick: *still cautious* Its okay, Joe. Everythings okay.
Joe: *smells the air, then backs away* You are a werewolf. You killed my brother.
Nick: *stops walking toward him* No Joe. You know me. I wouldnt hurt you. Im not those wolves that killed your brother. Let me help you.
Joe: *shakes his head* No one can help me. They all die.
Nick: *doesnt hear his tribe and Joes coven behind him, steps forward and says softly* I wont die on you. I will stand beside you and help you. I wont die.
Joe: *turns to Nick as his eyes slowly start to focus, then the rage hits*
Selena: Nick, run! *she screams*
Nick: *turns back and sees everyone, then looks at Joe. Sees the rage in his eyes n thinks* what do I do? I dont want to run I gotta find some way to help him. *an idea hits* it would wake him up but he couldnt do it in front of everyone *turns n looks at Selena waiting for his idea to hit her*
Selena: *gasps then giggles* You sure, Nick?
Nick: *nods* Does it work?
Selena: Yeah.
Nick: Okay. Keep them back and away.
Selena: Okay.
Nick: *turns to Joe*
Joe: *attacks him*

Nobodys POV
Nick takes the attacks and rolls with it out of the space where everyone is standing. He flips Joe then changes then runs. Joe immediately takes the bait and runs after him. They come to an open space and Nick stops, changes and turns around. Joes anger has abated but comes back in full force. Nick turns around ready for Joes attack. Joe tries to grab him but Nick has found some way to restrain him. Nick puts him up against a tree.

Nick: Do you hear me, Joe?
Joe: *cant get past the memories in his head to answer*

Nicks POV
I knew I no longer had a choice. If I didnt do it now, he would break my hold and we would fight again. So I put my idea into action. I took one hand and brought Joes face to mine and I kissed him. I felt his body tense and then soften against mine. Then I gave in to the sensations that this kiss was making me feel.

Joes POV
As Nicks lips touched mine every thought I had fled. I could feel his body heating up mine. I no longer felt cold. I felt alive. The pain I had felt earlier was gone. I could only stand in shock as the wounds in my heart began healing themselves. What was Nick doing to me? But that thought fled also. My body and mind relaxed in a way it hadnt in a long time I didnt want it to end but all too soon Nick pulled away.

Nick: *steps back, controlling his breathing* You okay now Joe?
Joe: *clears his head and feels his body temperature return to normal* Yes I am. *stares at Nick*
Nick: *looking at Joe starts to speak but hears his tribe and Joes coven calling and he steps away*
Kevin: *crashes through the trees and runs straight to Joes side surprised that he is calm* Everything okay, son?
Joe: *takes eyes off Nick* Yes everythings okay.
Danielle: Are you sure sweetheart?
Selena: *giggles* Oh hes absolutely dandy. In fact, we will be getting entertainment very soon. *laughs*
Everyone looks at her confused except for Joe and Nick who have started staring at each other again.
Selena: *laughs* Trust me it will be a shocker.

Hope you enjoyed this episode. Please comment. If the episode was bad please tell me. Also, If you want to be apart of my Cry for Dead series I will be having a contest Jan. 16th. You must write an episode with all the characters adding yourself and the guy you want to be with. I will choose the top Five and add them in the next episodes. All stories must be due by Jan. 16th. Me and my friends will choose fairly. The contest begins now. Please be apart of my contest and comment.



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