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Published on Aug 9, 2011

**NOTE This Circular Breathing Lessons series has been replaced with a new more detailed lesson set.

Get the first half of the lesson set completely free on Youtube here:

The new lesson set has 8 lessons in total, lessons 1-4 are available freely on Youtube at the links below. To purchase and access the full lesson set visit https://www.didgeridoodojo.com/circul...

Lesson 1 of 8 - Circular Breathing Introduction

Lesson 2 of 8 - Breathe and Pop

Lesson 3 of 8 - Breathe and Squeeze

Lesson 4 of 8 - Shortening your Breath


Visit http://www.didgeridoodojo.com/circula... for the rest of the lessons in this series.

Circular breathing on the didgeridoo can be tough to master. Here's lesson 1 of 5 from our How to do Circular Breathing lesson set. Lessons 1-3 are available on Youtube. visit http://www.didgeridoodojo.com/circula... for the rest of the lessons in this series.

Didgeridoo Dojo is the most comprehensive "learn how to play didgeridoo" resource on the planet!

The first half of this lesson series is completely free. Youtube links to these videos are below.
Didgeridoo Circular Breathing Introduction: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RXEMuI...
Didgeridoo Circular Breathing Lessons 1 of 5: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-gJMW5...
Didgeridoo Circular Breathing Lessons 2 of 5: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gmGi7g...
Didgeridoo Circular Breathing Lessons 3 of 5: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ppfbsO...

*****Lesson overview*****

In this lesson, we show you the very first step to circular breathing. It may feel a little weird and you may question what this has to do with circular breathing. Just trust us and keep practicing, it's essential. Make sure you can do this step easily before proceeding to the next.

*****Lesson goals*****

*Be able to hold your mouth full of air (cheeks puffed out), while breathing in and out of your nose

*While having a full mouthful of air, be able to open your lips slightly to let the air fall out of your mouth

*Be able to breathe in and let the air fall out of your mouth at the same time

*****Training tips*****

*Forget about how this technique relates to the didgeridoo, this is a breathing exercise

*Get this technique and you are over 50% of the way there

*Try to resist going to the next step until you find this step easy

*The fastest way get the circular breathing technique is to practice each step until it's so easy that it's boring! Only then go onto the next step

*You may have to practice 10 times, 100 times or 1000 times. It doesn't matter how many it takes, it can happen much sooner that you think

*If you try to learn the circular breathing on the didgeridoo, all your focus goes to making it sound good and you can forget about the technique. This is the long and painful way to learn. Put the didgeridoo down, practice our way and you will be circular breathing very soon

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Juan Cabrillo
An oriental Frenchman with dreadlocks is teaching me how to play a didgeridoo. only on youtube.
Anubis Vex
I've never in my life seen an Asian person wit dreds
Mitchell Johnson
Anubis Vex should check out Bali then bro, everyones got dreads haha
Inspector Steve
this guy would be a great teacher in anything.
Joshua Aaron
Inspector Steve that's exactly what I was thinking
David Janssen
probably I'm the only one having trouble with circular breathing. Damn this is hard.
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thank you for the hint! I love your work and dedication!
I guess you had many showers! Also trying on the didge with your cheek muscles, needs build the muscle first then work on timing!
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Gonzalo VC
great lessons! my screen is full of spit. haha ill continue practicing. thanks!
Mr. Plokky
good job!
Jack Palek
Hi, I've been trying for years to accomplish circular breathing. Your video has been the most helpful. For the first time I am getting a handle on this technique. You have explained it very well. Thank You so much!!!!!!
Jam Freely
yes , this guy made it easy to understand he's awesome
Ryan D
I cant seem to maintain the drone while circular breathing. I can't seem to get the force required to make the drone from my cheeks
Tomservo3alt , Lo-fi Punk Chick
I learned how to circular breathe, but it's hard to do in the dijeridoo because your mouth is open more and the amount of force needed to make the drone come out correctly.
Lewis Burns
+Tomservo3Alt Your mouthpiece might be to big or open too much, are you able to adjust it? If you have a bees wax mouthpiece you should be able to close it up a small amount, just a little bit. This will help to slow your air flow down but still keep your lips vibrating using less force. http://www.learntoplaydidgeridoo.com/learn-didgeridoos-program/
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