Black Woman who Hates Her own Black Race





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Published on Mar 14, 2011

Some Black People hate their own black race its sad but true.

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I'm a black woman and I hate GHETTO black people...not ALL black people. Just the loud, ghetto, uneducated and proud of it blacks who do not want to better themselves. The world does not owe those people anything.
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Happy Apple
xoTrustandBelievexo aka the conney ppl
Anonimo 3
Shenia Wallace u not black tu ere gringa
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I'm a Black man obviously, and I love my race. But this is why I think SOME black people hate their own race...During slavery and Jim crow laws Black women were repeatedly beaten and raped by Racist white men, now I know y'all have heard people say that many blacks are not 100% black in America and have some white blood in them..well I think it's the same hateful blood that the white man carries toward blacks! I'm Grateful that blood line skipped me..i could never hate another brutha!!!
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Ben  K. Tennyson
What do you have to be proud of?
+pat ward GTFOH stupid cunt It's 2016 why you still talkin
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It's Female Uncle Ruckus
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Yup. Right down to saying she's not black.
put some respeck on ma name
love that show
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June Beauregard
This is so sad, I actually want to cry. I am blessed to be raised by a wonderful family who loved and cared for me enough to instill in me that beauty comes in all races of people. I just want to hug this woman and pray she gets the help she needs so that she can start not only loving herself, but also the lineage she comes from.
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Mista Mista
June Beauregard black propel are just the most annoying and ignorant race
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Wow she is exactly what she hates, truth is she hates herself. I hope she has grown into an intelligent, well adjusted woman by now.
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Cortor Jackson
black women is beautiful ion care what the ignorant girl in the video sais
Cathion Graham
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Mecca Dishmon
I would have dragged her ass
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Niyah Peebles
M. Hunter ☆ WATCH THE VIDEO what do u mean whyyy
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A slayer
I feel bad for her really she hates herself bc of the media shoving european beauty standards down her and all of our throats since we were children.
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A slayer typical nigger
B Downs
Africa is a continent.
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daric nd
good question "who sets these standard of beauty" WHITE PEOPLE
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why are blacks so mentally weak that they need white approval?
Yea. I'm white so yes I agree with you 100%
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Zenobia McRae
smh did she really tell that women to bleach her skin and perm her hair? Wow she needs therapy ASAP
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Jazz Jones
Zenobia McRae bitch needs to be beaten 😂
Zenobia McRae
+George Mendez ok
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Sleepy Axew
i'm black and I don't like black people because they're ignorant, bully me for no apparent reason, molest/rape me, treat me like I'm wrong for being myself (acting civilized), get mad because I don't want to be around them, and worst of all, because of them, people look at me wrong or judge me because of how I was born, they assume I'm like them, and I hate how in a lot of cases, I have to go above and beyond to prove that I'm not like them.
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Niyah Peebles
Sleepy Axew I’m not ignorant you PUTHÁ shut your ugly ass bitch ass up not all black people are stupid matter of fact it’s not just black people everyone wants to blame black people for a lot of stuff and it’s not right I think that every race has the difference and we all did this to our selfs
Charles Claybrooks
And I bet you voted for Trump
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