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Published on Dec 31, 2007

The "CYRES" Track * The Lyrics of Love in Action

This innovative new track from up and coming Hip Hop Artist, Cristopolis, in co-creation with Cyres Café, is the sound of self, the sound of Who You Really Are.

Think about CYRES. Create Your Reality Experience Self.

Feel a hot beat, a heart beat, the blueprint for the sound of self-empowerment. Memorable and meaningful. Inspiring you to dance to the rhythm of your internal inspiration. Life bringing you something, the sound of your self, that causes you to be More. It will get you high on Life!

It will be whatever you see it to be. It will be whatever you expect it to be.

The self can become diluted. This CYRES track is an opportunity to remember your Strength.

Why wait around for things to happen? Could you, would you, see yesterday's problems as today's opportunities?

Turn thoughts around. Awaken to the healer within. HealThy SELF. Be aware of your thoughts, forgive the past, and step out of the past. The only time is Now.

Understand your power and become an active participant in positive experiences.

Make something good happen today. Morph life into something more positive. Think differently and it will shift. Life will be whatever you ask it and allow it to be.

Expect good things from YOU.

Let's discover alternative ways to make ourselves heard.

Inspiration helps you say it better.

No matter what, we can always choose Love.

Follow your heart.

When we act from a place of love, the energy of love begins to transform the universe around us.

Let's begin an intense Cyres Campaign of appreciation. Praise on purpose. Beginning, a new beginning, now.

CYRES is about appreciating the continuing gift of our expanding and deepening connection, communication, and community spirit. The Cyres Community is not about conformity, rather creativity. Celebrating diversity and creating opportunities for intercultural dialogue.

Collective energy can change the world in any direction we choose to focus on.

Optimists see the opportunity in every challenge.

When you take full responsibility, for your thoughts, feelings and actions, the world isn't your problem, it is your opportunity.

Feel possibilities. Confront your limitations, clear out your complacency, criticism, and excuses, and consciously create from the power within yourself. Wake up happy. At peace with where you are now and excited about more.

This compelling song, this video vehicle for clarity, is a penchant for positive thinking and action. A power-house of positive energy. Putting you in touch with transformational thought. Translucent and transformational. Fresh and fabulous.

"Live your life as a paradise or live in a cell"

Choose paradise now ... and feel the cells of your body, of your heart, awakening, enlivened by possibility.

With more exhilarating songs in the pipeline, and passionate engagement in life at street level, Cyres Café is co-creating a simple solution for delivering bite-sized empowering thoughts. Inviting artists of every description to join us now to co-create art for action. A colourful living picture of positive action, a portrait of love, for expansion of peace and prosperity.

CYRES is saying, Life is big and broad, like our dreams, like our true perspective. We are beyond the little box. You can be beyond the need to control anyone's life but your own. Cyres Life is about live (large!) and let live, while being socially responsible.

Creating quite a stir at The Café of Dreams and beyond. Coming from love in every red-hot-now. Questioning underlying beliefs. Creating inquiry.

We invite people, situations, things, into our experience through emotional thought and expectation. From the haven of peace within, highlighting this heavenly food for thought:

"What can I do to empower my Self?"

What's on your mind?

Let's get real.

Let's talk about it.

Cyres Café .. because real learning takes place where people congregate.

Be present to You and the people around you.

Be a Cyres Dream Seed:
04:36 minutes of increased awareness. Dream awake, open your heart, expand your mind, take inspired action and reclaim your future, Now. We, in unity, are becoming more the possibility of a planet of higher consciousness. Waking dreams are being experienced more and more. What if all it takes is maybe 10% of the population, people like us, to make a positive difference, serving All Life. Expressing "The Power of 10", plant this Dream Seed, this CYRES video, forward to 10 Hearts, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-b3hCf... and ask them to make a difference by doing the same, and so forth. One Heart.

The emergence of new hope is with us. Discover more about this, in the letters "to The Power of 10", plus create commentary and expand the experience, http://www.cyrescafe.net

Also C 'CYRES * Love Is The Strongest Power There Is' video, here.


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