Dick Cheney: Obama Worse Than Jimmy Carter





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Published on Jul 30, 2012

Obama is worse than Carter

Dick Cheney on his heart pump and Obama's record
Dick Cheney: Obama Worse Than Jimmy Carter

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War Criminale~Dick, you are worst than a piece of shit. At least shit can be wiped & flushed. You have maintained the talent of keeping shit running out of your mouth.
Blue Collar
Jimmy Carter wasn't an effective President. But he didn't cause our country any harm either. I'd take a Jimmy Carter over a George Bush or a Dick Cheney.
Blue Collar
our country was still strong with Carter. Bush just fucked us up.
legion lowrey
Wrong. More jobs were lost under Carter than Bush.
blue lake
Jimmy Carter was a good man ! at least he is not a war monegar
Antonio Chamas
As if Cheney gives a crap about people in other countries
Ken H
+LegitLimiTz he doesn't even care about the people in his own country, has even said it,
American Born Patriot.
Darth Cheney.  
Miguel Gonzalez
This man has no decency! Always looking for excuses to make war with other countries instead of peace. He does not care how many people die as long as he keeps making money.
2 inch Dick Cheney. chicken hawk/war criminal/profiteer/absolute piece of shit.
Chandler Felty
carter was one of our best.
Chandler Felty
any republican who pulls the "obama is the worst since carter '' card is not smart enough to hold office, cheney should be hung for torture
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Rosie O'Donnell
Then go back and review footage of 9/11. The sub humans that we tortured were beasts. Not people. War isn't one big slumber party. It certainly is not a humanitarian project. Grow up with your double standard. "He tortured people who wanted me dead! So let's hang him!" Typical Liberal. Fighting a just cause so you will be safe tonight, but don't approve the method enforced, so you are not the next target.
Chandler Felty
+Rosie O'Donnell not at all what i said
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I can't help but think the U.S. got in bed with the devil when they took Saudi Arabia as consorts. I don't know.  It seems we tried forming alliances with Iran.  That failed. Iraq - fail Syria - fail Egypt - semi-fail and of course if we couldn't become partners with some part of the arab world, then Russia would, and they would get all the oil, and power... yes? So why couldn't the U.S. and Russia ever seem to come to any sort of agreement with one another, to stop battling one another for power? Look at Japan - they stand on their own, disengaged from this ongoing battle? Look at China - China also... building it's empire on its own terms, not on vying for power?  essentially building on the principle the United States once built itself on. Now, look at Iran - also standing on its own? As long as the U.S. in locked in battle, or engaged in struggle with Russia, it seems we must remain engaged with the devils of the arab peninsula. Just some thoughts.
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