Behind Enemy Lines - Jemi Story - Episode 13





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Published on Sep 18, 2012

Episode 13

"Come on, Joe, we've been driving for nine hours straight, can't we go to a hotel?" Demi complained. Joe ignored her and kept on taking the same route. Demi groaned, he's ignored her every single time she's complained.

Demi laid her head back in the sight. She was tired and hungry, and the discomfort where her stitches were didn't help at all. She sighed. She looked out the window and noticed the sun setting.

"Can't we turn on the radio at least?" She asked. He sighed and turned on the radio. Demi looked back out the window, at least a good song was playing. It wasn't particularly her favourite but it was better then sitting in dreadful silence. Demi sat up straight when Joe turned sharply. "Can you NOT do that?!"

"Can you stop complaining?" He glanced at her and then back to the road and shook his head. She glared. Joe travelled down a gravel road for what seemed like ever before he turned again onto a smoother road that was in the middle of a bunch of trees. It was almost like a forest. Demi sat forward, observing the surroundings. Joe then stopped the car suddenly, Demi jerked forward and bit her lip as the seatbelt pressed harshly against her stitches.

He looked around. Demi was about to ask why he stopped in the middle of no where but before she could he slammed down hard on the gas pedal, making the tires squeal. "What the hell?" She mumbled. She shook her head.

Demi looked through the trees and she squinted her eyes, really focusing and then suddenly she gasped when she saw the shadow move. Joe looked at her. "What?" He asked.

She glared at him, "Well, wouldn't you like to know," She replied, still mad that he kept telling her to stop talking or complaining or he would simply just 'shush' her. Demi shook her head, knowing she had to let it go and tell him, "There's somebody in the trees."

"What did you see?" He asked.

"Well, A person...that IS why I said there's SOMEBODY, hint somebody, in the trees." Demi retorted.

"Can you leave your sarcasm in the backseat for a moment? This is serious." Joe snapped at her. Demi rolled her eyes.

"Can you leave your BAD MOOD in the backseat? This is serious." She copied him and felt a smirk of satisfaction curve onto her lips as she saw him glare at the road in front of him and slightly clench the wheel with irritation.

"Just tell me what you saw." He said.

"I did!" Demi responded, her eyes widening slightly as she threw her hands up a bit.

"I know you saw a person but what was the person doing?! Did you recognize them?!" He questioned her.

"Well, of course not!" Demi responded, making Joe more annoyed. "You're the agent, aren't you suppose to tell ME these things?" Demi asked him. Joe gripped the wheel tighter and tighter until his knuckles turned white.

"Who was it?!" Joe rose his voice, frightening Demi slightly. She swallowed and then looked in the rear view mirror, seeing the person again.

"I don't know...I just recognize him. He's there, see, watch." She points to the mirror and he glances at it then to the road and back at it before seeing it.

"For fucksakes." He breathes out.

"What?" Demi asks. He doesn't reply but picks up the speed and then sharply turns around. Demi squeals and grips the door handle. Joe hit's the brakes harshly, making the car come to a full stop before he applies hard pressure on the gas pedal and heading towards the woods where the person was. "What are you doing??!"

Joe ignores her and that's when the person comes into full view and begins to run and run. Joe honks the horn at him as the man cries out in fear as the car continues to hunt him down.

"Joe! You're going to hit him!" Demi shrieks. Joe continues to chase the guy with his car and slams hard on his breaks and turns the wheel, the car goes from being straight, to turning slanted a bit as he stops in front of the car that the man had jumped in. The man speeds off in the other direction, Joe watches until he's gone. Joe then turns the car around and continues their way. Demi swallows hard and sits quietly.




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