Johnny Cash The Last Gunfighter Ballad





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Published on Dec 19, 2010

Old West Gunfighters, Lawmen, & Outlaws

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Andreja Stosevski
Back when all men were real men
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David Jameson O ́Rourke
Now Murica is so Fucking Gay....fuck the lgtbt
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Honk Goober
It's sad they don't teach us about this era...
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My great granddad was a Texas Ranger for 16 years he retired in 1910. He killed 9 men in his career, and from what I heard of him he had no remorse at all. He died at the age of 98 and his daughter my grandmother told me that he shot a man dead in Tulsa for insulting him, man those were the days when it was legal to do that. From what I was told people then were " nicer" to others because of that fact too. And they say times change for the better ........... Thats debatable
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Chari Moore
MontanaMountainMen I get to do su, sos4 city for egg the egg rhyme the 8th
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J Lawhon
Sad when this era came to an end.
It was sad but not unexpected or unnecessary. The more we go into the "bright new dawn" the more we want ot go back.
Jacob Hansen
Wow, it's insane to understand just how close the end of the "cowboy" era is to the 1st. ww war. The era of cars and industrialism.
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Jimmie Boling
WWI, the lst cavalry charge.
Jacob Hansen
+Dan Sneyd Yeah you're right. 
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The Savior
The "outlaws" nowadays are shit.... Lil Wayne is one example...
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The Savior
+PaintHerWhite​ Dude that was a dumb comment (which I didn't realize back then) I made 2 years ago just for the sake of sounding edgy. Give me a break. Lol. 
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Py R
Wild Bill... Shot in the back by a coward bastard during a poker game .. :(
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The Unforgotten
+Kanjokid neither of them could hold a match let alone a light John Henry Holliday
Emmett Leone-Woods
+Py R Wes Hardin went out the same way. Ol Wes even knew Wild Bill, Bill was the sheriff of a town Wes was staying in. It was the same town where Ol Hardin shot a man for snoring. It was an Accident, he only meant to wake him. He shot through the wall and accidentally hit the man in the head
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jon garret
most of you are brothers too me
steve baker
"And it's time for all slow men to die."
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Ganondorf The Dark Lord
+Billy Sargent Didn't mean it literally, I was using it as a way to quickly state fire the handgun until you could no longer fire.
Billy Sargent
+Ganondorf The Dark Lord (Puncle Guncledorf) "... Empty the entire clip..." Your ignorance regarding firearms is astounding. None of the weapons of the era were clip fed. The pistols had cylinders with five or six chambers and the rifles were usually single shot. Only the Henry and the Winchester repeaters had magazines, (a tube mounted under the barrel fed from a loading gate in the side of the receiver). Clips didn't appear until very late 19th and early 20th century, atthe twilight of the wild west and gunslinger era.
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Bill Overbeck
lot's a mustaches here c:
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