1. You're Stoopid Short Film

  2. skhitty schit skit- I don't want to be 21 again

  3. You're Stoopid - Trailer

  4. What Is It Like to Have a Twin You've Never Met

  5. Drunk Dial

  6. kevjumba BFF bloopers

  7. Harlem Shake- 21 and Over Edition

  8. Full Circle Short film

  9. Valentine's Day Sneak Peak

  10. skitty schit skit- I'm bad with money

  11. skitty schit skit - Facebook Pictures

  12. Thanksgiving with embarrassing relatives

  13. Asian Kid from Twilight

  14. My Mom kicked Me Out

  15. Skitty Schit Skit- I went on a date

  16. Moochers

  17. Heart to Heart Part 2 with DAvid So

  18. skitty schit skit- WHY DO YOU HATE YOURSELF

  19. Skitty schit skit- I Love Michael Bay

  20. skitty schit skit-i hate relationships

  21. Skitty Schit Skit- Time of the Month

  22. I Prank You Poohead

  23. Be apart of my next movie!!

  24. skitty schit skit- 31 AND Over

  25. Skitty Schit Skit- Hunger Games

  26. Skitty Schit Skit- I adopted A baby!

  27. Skitty Schit Skit- Pinky Promise

  28. Skitty Schit Skit- I love Braces


  30. skitty Schit skit- Mr. SnugglePuss

  31. Skitty Schit Skit-Future Me

  32. Skitty Schit Skit- Insecure Hulk

  33. Willis The Bear

  34. Skitty Schit Skit- Penis Massage

  35. Skitty Schit Skit- Universal Twin

  36. Random Cheese- I Love Moustache

  37. Skitty Schit Skit- No One Picks Up Their Phones

  38. Skitty Schit Skits- Gay Ghost...Ep.1

  39. Skitty Schit Skit- Overdramatic Friends

  40. Schitty Schit Skit- Christmas Eve Dinner

  41. Skitty Schit Skit- I Got Punched in Korea

  42. Skitty Schit Skit- Texting Girls

  43. The Breaking Dawn Premiere

  44. Random Cheese- I Ran Out of Gas

  45. Skitty schit skit- I'm a dog

  46. Random Cheese- Jin the Movie

  47. Random Cheese-Stop motion Black Keys!

  48. Skitty Schit Skits-Im crazy in Seattle

  49. Random Cheese- Justin vs Justin

  50. The Seattle Experience

  51. Skitty Schit Skits- Boobies

  52. Wing man bloopers

  53. Singy Sing Time-Nice Girls

  54. Huntington Beach Pier

  55. Extreme Revenge- The Pond

  56. Skitty Schit Skit-The End of the World

  57. Skitty Schit Skit-The Most Interesting Asian Man In The World

  58. Skitty Schit Skit-Everyone's So Nice!

  59. Skitty Schit Skit-My NOSE

  60. Rock Jocks- day 3

  61. Skitty Schit Skit-The Twilight Experience-I'm in Canada

  62. Rock Jocks Day 2

  63. Gochu Boyz - Dick So Big [DSB Official Music Video]

  64. Rock Jocks - Day 1

  65. UCLA Girl - PSA

  66. An Introduction with KevJumba

  67. elvin drunk c

  68. king of bolsa

  69. look whos talking.mov

  70. Big Phony