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Published on Jan 16, 2012

Hey bubbiful ones,

So here is the next Girl Talk video. This month's topic is highly requested and it's "How to get a Guy to Like You".

This topic is pretty broad. It can be defined in different ways such as from appearance and flirtation. I like to believe these methods are also effective but they are the temporary forms of attraction. Permanent attraction comes from Character and we will be talking about that today.

Everybody is different. You can't "make" somebody like you. All you can do is make the most out of your character.

Before you want somebody to accept you. You must accept yourself first and get your thinking right too. When you realize what matters most, you will automatically be at your most attractive.

I gathered input from all of the wonderful guy viewers out there and we'll be sharing what attracts them and puts them off in girls too. That'll be fun.

As always, the Girl Talk videos aren't about me being a pro because I'm not. It's just about ordinary real people getting together and sharing their experiences and opinions.

There is immense echo in this video because the new apartment is still pretty empty. Curtains are getting installed this week and hopefully it will absorb the echo better. I apologise about the sound because I'm going to admit editing this video was pretty ear piercing. I had to talk louder because my camera was quite far from me. Hopefully this will be fixed soon. Sorry Sorry ^^

Remember girls (and guys), take you time in finding the right one in you. Why the hurry? Never feel like you need to have somebody for the sake of fitting in. Most importantly- find somebody that brings out the best in you.

Stay beautiful everyone,

Much love, Bubz xx

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Comments • 8,968

Hey girls, here's the no bullshit guide from a guy who knows what the fuck he's talking about: 1. Don't overvalue yourself. Just because you like Handsome Jock #1 doesn't mean your good looking enough to get him (and if you do, he's probably so swamped in pussy that you're not going to hold him long anyway). You can only dress yourself up so much, so don't think you can go from the ugliest girl in your grade to the prettiest. That's unrealistic. You can realistically add 1.5 to your /10 rating using makeup/hair spray and being athletic (don't starve yourself, instead pick up volleyball, swimming .etc - dudes like athletic curves). 2. Don't be fucking unapproachable. Be his friend; try and move your friend groups together. Once again, if you're in the normal girl clique and he's in the jock clique, your chances aren't good. 3. Realise that the other guys who may not be Jock #1-10 are good people too, and you might find a way more loyal and caring dude (your soul mate, perhaps?) in a regular dude. 4. You are not going to grow up and be a celebrity; forget about that and be realistic. Unless guys are throwing themselves at you over and over then you're probably a normal chick, and you should accept normal guys as not being unworthy of your time. 5. Don't laugh and shit on dudes who ask you out who you think are below you. Other guys see that and think you're a total bitch and maybe even a fuck-n-chuck. 6. Guys don't notice or care at all about shoes or handbags. If you have a pretty sun dress you got for $15 from good will and it fits you well, we'll care just as much as if it were Chanel and $1500; that shit doesn't matter to us at all. 7. Don't be a gold digging bitch. Don't expect guys to elevate your social or financial status. Always at least offer to pay your share of everything you two consume together. Actually expect to pay your share; always ask. If the guy does let you pay, you're down a few bucks, but you just bought yourself a ton of respect from the guy. I was a handsome dude in high school. I was asked out (by girls) upwards of 25 times. I know what i'm talking about. Summary: Be open to the less good looking guys, you'll be way happier in the end.
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Davie Singh
i like a guy but everyone says he's ugly and other negative stuff and what do i see in him and so..........it just makes me feel like i'm stupid and keep falling for the unattractive one but i like him alot................:(
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Nice Guy
I like the quiet girls ;)
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I had a crush on two guys. they were best friends.  One of them I dreamed was like my Prince charming and the other wasn't as attractive [ on the outside]. I felt comfortable around Mason [  other guy] we laugh and talk all the time , but with Daniel [ Prince] I ge shy and nervous and act like a total fake around him. one of my friends said this was cause I liked him. After watching this I finally decided Mason.. We are a happy couple at high school and everything is right Thx
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K.H Universe
I have a crush and i doubt he likes me. Is it the same for other people too? Like where you see a guy you like but you know truly in your heart he doesn't even notice your there. 😓
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Alex Lloyd
I'm a guy that watched this just to make sure I'm not too obvious
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Lps Lion
I have a crush but I'm too shy to say who I crush on 
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bubz ur so funny ahaha x)
I like it when guys are kind and smile a lot and keep good eye contact when your talking. I dislike it when they don't smell nice, they stare at other girls all the time, and chew with their mouth open...
Creepy Ana
I like her accent is soo cute :3
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