Lines,Vines & Trying Times(episode 32 part 1)





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Published on Jun 4, 2009

*Next Day*
Mrs Jonas:(enter Joe's room)Joe. Wake up.
Joe:1 more minute.
Mrs Jonas:No no. You're going on tour today. Remember?
Mrs Jonas:Come on. Everyone is waiting for you. They is waiting for you in the bus.
Joe:(eyes widen)What?
Mrs Jonas:Go take shower. Eat your breakfast in the bus. Your stuff already in the bus.
Joe:Thank you so much!(kiss her cheek & take a quick shower)Bye mom,dad,frankie! Im going to miss you!(go inside the bus)
All:(cross their arms & look at him)
Joe:Im sorry Im late.
Kevin:I bet Demi is waiting for us.
Nick:Yeah. She's coming with us.
Joe:Oh..Cool. Now where's my breakfast?
Big Rob:At the table.
Joe:(eat it)
Bus:(stop at Demi's house)
Demi:Bye mom,dallas,maddy! I miss you!(run into the bus)What took you guys so long?
All:(look at Joe)
Demi:I knew it! Where do i put my stuff?
Nick:We have like 4 beds. At the right side,are Kevin's & Joe's. Joe's one is at the above(what?). And the left one is mine & the above is empty. Thats your bed.
Kevin:(whisper to her)Your bed is facing to Joe. So you will be seeing his face a lot.
Demi:Oh shut up.(keep all her stuff)So where is our first place to do a concert?
Big Rob:(look at a piece of paper)At Fresno fair.
Demi:Cool. Is it today?
Big Rob:Yes.
Big Rob:Gramercy Theatre.
Kevin:The other day?
Big Rob:Nokia Theatre.
Joe:The ot-
Big Rob:You dont wanna ask that. Or i will punch u in the face.
Joe:Alright alright. Jeez.
Big Rob:So everyone get ready.
Demi:Im ready.
Nick:Me too.
Kevin:Me three.
Joe:Me not. Where is my hair product?!(search in his bag)
Nick:I guess mom didn't put it in your bag.
Joe:What? No way!
Kevin:I guess its time to embrace the natural look.
Joe:People wont like me anymore.
Nick:Of course they will. Unless you make a bad thing. Like breaking up with person that you love then dating a girl that is older than you that you dont even know her yet.
Demi:(hit Nick's shoulder)
Joe:(sad but didnt show it)
Kevin:Nick is right. Dat-
Demi:Dont finish that sentences!
Joe:I guess you guys are right.
Nick:I knew it!
Joe:I mean you guys are right abt my look. Its time to embrace the natural look.(walk into the rest room)
Nick:Is he stupid or what?
Joe:(hear everything they said)
Demi:Guys. Past is past. You have to learn to let it go.
Demi:Im still sad abt it. But I didn't show it. I dont want people to be worried abt me. Just let him.
Kevin:Aww. I love you!(hug her)
Demi:(tears stroll down her face)
Kevin:(pull away)Dont cry.(wipes her tears)
Demi:Thank you for being nice to me.
Nick:You are amazing!(hug her)
Demi:(hug back)I didnt do anything.
Nick:I know. But you amazed me!
Joe:(hear everything,he feels like he want to go & hug demi but something is telling him not to do it,so he go to them,act normal,act like he heard nothing)So Fresno Fair here we come!
Nick:Lets get crazy!(get out from the bus)
All:(get out from the bus)

*Back Stage*
Big Rob:So Demi,you will sing first then JoBros will go out.
Demi:What song?
Big Rob:This Is Me.
Big Rob:Then,the JoBros will sing a few songs then you a few songs. Lastly,you will sing. Sing whatever song you want. Is that clear?
Big Rob:Good!(mess her hair)
Big Rob:Im sorry.
Demi:Its okay!(hug him)
Big Rob:You can go to the stage now. Everyone is waiting for you.
Demi:Wish me luck!
Big Rob:Luck!
Demi:(take a deep breath then go to the stage)
Demi:(take the mic)Hey everyone! Its me Demi Lovato! Im on tour with The Jonas Brothers. And. So lets start it! This is me!(start singing this is me)
Big Rob:Joe,nick,kevin. Go out now!
JoBros:(go out)
All:(cheering more)
Joe:(start singing gotta find you & look into demi's eyes)
Demi:(couldn't help but stare into his eyes)
Jemi:This is me...(finish singing)
All:(cheering & clapping)
Demi:Thank you!(hug joe,nick & kevin & go back stage)
Big Rob:You sound great!
Big Rob:(hand her mineral water)
Demi:The crowd is crazy!
Big Rob:Yup.

*An hour Later*
JoBros:(go back stage)
Nick:Good luck demi!
Demi:Thank you.(go to the stage again)Hey guys! Its me again! This is a new song. Its called "Trainwreck". (go to the piano & start singing)
Kevin:She is so talented.
Nick:I guess that song is abt Joe.(look at joe)
Demi:But with you..Im in love..(stop singing & start singing a few other songs)So this is the last song. The newest one. I just wrote it. (watch the perfomance in the video)Hmm. Who has been heartbroken here?
People:(a few people raise their hands)
Demi:So this song I wrote about. Its actually just happen to me a few days ago. Its about you love someone & that person dont love us back. We used to best friends but now we're falling apart. (start to tear up)

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